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The Longest Yard vs Johnny Be Good

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The first round continues with and old school classic and one of my guilty pleasures.




The get the BDS Football Movie Bracket started with a couple high school football favorites.

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To me this is an easy decision, (Marty McFly’s mom gets naked for the love of God!) but it is not up to me.  Make sure to vote and share!


What is the best football movie?

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Two of my girls went back to school today and with August being right around the corner it only leads to one thing, me jonesing hard for some football.  Since I hate being tortured by camp injury reports and the fake football of the NFL preseason I thought we could pull our restless energy together and put it toward a greater good, deciding the best football movie ever made.

An expert panel was assembled to come up with the final 16 films to complete the bracket.  Some tough decisions were made and favorites like Wildcats, Little Giants and The Blind Side were left on the cutting room floor after much debate.  What we are left with are 16 films that have made us laugh, cheer and cry.

We will start the voting soon so make sure you bookmark Backdoor Slider and make your voice heard.

I Can’t Hardly Stand It!

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by Chad Schrump / @Hoosier_Hoops

We’re smack dab in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer. I mean, damn… for a sports fan that doesn’t have major league baseball in his city – this is a rough patch.  We’ve got very little sports to watch on television and what we do watch is pretty much bullshit.

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I don’t mind watching 20-30 minutes of the World Series of Poker but after that, I’m completely over it and back staring at Twitter. Sure, it’s neat to watch a 64-year old amateur trying to take out a wolf pack full of 25 year old online poker professionals but at the end of the day, how many all-ins, suck outs, flops, open-ended straight draws, wheels, pocket rockets and bluffs can you really stomach?  These ain’t your Chris Moneymaker WSOP finals.  These are folks you’ve probably never heard of unless you may have a touch of a gambling issue deep inside your being.  I’m not judging, just sayin’.

I’ve always loved the British Open but the odd hours makes this a rough one for me to commit to. Besides, and stop me if you’ve heard me say this before, without Tiger – I don’t feel like any golf, other than The Masters, is must-watch, appointment TV.  It helps NBC and their ratings that Jordan Spieth is leading the tournament but let’s be really honest for a second – without Eldrick, ratings are way, way down.  Go look it up.  It’s not pretty.  Sure, the golf is somewhat exciting but it’s not Tiger Woods exciting.  It just isn’t.  If that makes me a shitty golf fan, fine.  I will wear that.

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NASCAR has become a shit show of the highest order. Actually, it’s been awful for a long time now.  I truly don’t know what happened here.  I know you’ve read about this for the longest time from a million other people but really – what happened to this sport?  The money that TV threw at NASCAR was almost unfathomable. The only thing back then that grew larger than their TV ratings were the drivers’ bank accounts.  Then, slowly but surely, the bubble burst and it’s as if NASCAR fell off a cliff.  Hell, it’s rare that I even know what city they’re in and who won last week’s race.

Was it Dale Earnhardt dying? Dale was my guy but when he passed, I was lucky enough to latch on to a young driver named Tony Stewart but let’s be real, no one moved a needle like The Intimidator.

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Was it restrictor plate racing? Let’s give everyone essentially the same car and line them up in two rows of 20 cars.  What a great idea!  Let’s take away the race car driver’s ability to actually race their car!  Such a dumb idea.

Or was it the fact that the good ol’ boys became their own brands and were more like corporate CEOs than guys that could tear an engine apart, or each other, at the drop of a hat?  These guys are more Board Room than Backwoods and I think that detracts from the romanticism of it all.  Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

All I know is that Sunday’s Brickyard 400 at IMS will be lucky to have 50,000 people in the stands. Can you even believe that?  In the late 90’s, this race drew somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 fans.  Today, you’ll find more empty seats at the Speedway than at a Sunday church service that falls on New Year’s Day.  My God, does it look bad on TV, too.  Those aerial views are downright embarrassing.  If I’m NASCAR President Mike Helton, I beg the TV producers to not show a shot of the crowd from the blimp.  No way, no how.  It looks so bad!

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Put it another way, I won tickets to the race and never even went to pick them up. How’s that for lack of interest?

Lots of you reading this column love your baseball but for whatever reason, I haven’t truly cared about this sport for years. Sure, I’ll watch some of the ALCS, NLCS and World Series but really, not that much.  It just feels like the season drags on and on and on and on.  As a kid, I knew every box score of every game.  That’s no exaggeration. We all did.  What happened?

Last fall was an oddity because I, like a lot of sports fans, wanted to see if the Cubs could actually win a title or were they going to gut punch an entire city by failing, yet again? Well, the “Lovable Losers” won their World Series so now I don’t care about watching that storyline anymore either.

I have always had two baseball teams that I rooted for: The Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers.  Guess what?  They both suck.  I’m not sure that Cincinnati is ever again going to actually not suck.  I’m serious!  There seems to be very little interest in paying big money to free agents and it’s all pretty sad, really.  Then again, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it so if I’m wrong, who gives a shit?  It’s just baseball.  Who cares?  I’m quite certain that I couldn’t name a total of 10 players from both teams even if you paid me $5,000 to do it.  Pretty much pitiful.  I know.

I guess all I can do is wait for NFL training camp to start. That’s when I’ll start getting excited.  I know I’ll start sending out my Fantasy Football League emails, kicking off all of my leagues.  Then, the dominos start falling and I’ll start paying attention to college football, then a few months later, college basketball and finally the NBA.

The NBA? You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? Nope, I haven’t.

Fuck Paul George!

Let’s bring on the NFL!


Only at Louisville…

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Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze found himself in hot water after it was revealed he made a one-minute call to an escort service. Freeze has since resigned. USA TODAY Sports

Just let that sink in.  A call was made using a school phone to an inappropriate service, the A.D. and school looked into this situation and the coach is no longer the200-2 coach.  I know it seems very obvious and simple to many of us but if you are part of the Louisville Bird Gang you’re probably just sitting there scratching your head like Britney Spears at a spelling bee.  Why is the school not trying to make this go away?  Why is the Athletic Director not circling the wagons to protect the coach at all costs?  Why is the coach leaving the school and not getting a raise and extension?  Hey, all valid questions if you are part of the soulless group known as Louisville fans.   I mean they have allowed this school and its athletic department to run unchecked for years and turn their program into a national punch line.  I mean hell, Ole Miss is the one that screwed up but myself and many others are writing about UofL tonight because their fanbase is so misguided.  No matter how bad the scandal is their rebuttal is always the same.  We’re still winning aren’t we?  We’re still getting good recruits right?

Look, don’t get me wrong, every school goes through scandal to some extent.  Wether it’s a coaching staff  problem like Kentucky and Indiana have dealt with over the years or a student academic problem as Notre Dame has faced in recent seasons one thing remains consistent.  It is not the scandal that remains important but how the school handles the scandal.  What did the powers to be know and what did they do when they found out?  You can attempt to cover up crimes and scandal like Penn State, Baylor and Louisville have done and deal with the fall out for many years to come.  Or you can own up to the problem and hold people accountable like 1242062Notre Dame did when they suspended their starting quarterback and point guard for cheating on a test.  You think there is any chance Louisville would suspend Lamar Jackson and Payton Silva for a complete season if they cheated on a test?  In both of those cases the loss of the player hurt their teams in the short run but it was over and the team, school and fans could move onimages-11 with their heads high.  Indiana has fired two high profile basketball coaches (one being the best coach in school history, Bob Knight) and a football coach in recent years for breaking rules or Unknown-17embarrassing the University.  Kentucky fired a Hall of Fame coach, a couple ADs and a football coach over scandals.  See the trend?  Someone messes up, someone is held accountable, school gets to move past the mess.

I am still amazed how any Louisville fan without a criminal record (I know a couple, no really I do!) still  justifies the actions of their school.


Only at Louisville does a coach survive after knocking up a skank in a public restaurant and having an assistant drive said skank to the abortion clinic.  (never mind the assistant then fell in love and married this train wreck afterwards.)

Only at Louisville does the fanbase welcome back a coach that left them high and dry with a roster full of issues.  (never mind that same coach left one team midseason and was fired from another for attempting to cover up an affair with a student staffer.)

Only at Louisville can a coaching staff pay for hookers to have sex with recruits and players on school property and not have one coach or administrator lose their job.  (No really, not one person has been fired for this.  Andre McGee had already left while this was still going on and was never fired by Louisville.)

Only at Louisville can an AD orchestrate the cover ups to all the scandals and not be removed.

Only at Louisville…

Sweet Tennessee Musings

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by Chad Schrump / @Hoosier_Hoops

We’ve got quite a few things that we need to discuss. Since I’ve recently returned from vacationing in the beautiful hills of Tennessee, bear with me on my newfound accent as it may flow into my writing style.  Anyways, come on over, sit with me a spell and have yourself a sweet tea.  We’re fixin’ to be here a minute or two.

Let’s go.

It’s July 5th and we have no Earthly idea if Andrew Luck will be a go for training camp in a few, short weeks.  Hell, we don’t even know if he’s thrown a damn ball.  Isn’t that crazy?  After reading some of the multitude of injury experts’ opinions, 6 months was a comfortable timetable to recover from the shoulder surgery but that was really only the start!  It would be at least an additional 6 weeks of physical therapy before he could give it a go, or so they say.

Image result for andrew luck

The real story here is that the Indianapolis Colts are secretive. They compete with the Patriots and their evil empire in one regard, and quite frankly, one regard only… in that they’re about as tight lipped an organization as you’ll find in the NFL and new GM Chris Ballard hasn’t deviated from the blueprint Hall-of-Fame GM Bill Polian laid out years ago:  You will know what we want you to know!

Let me tell you when you can expect to see #12 throwing a football to his wide receivers. When you see it! The Colts aren’t coming off of that information anytime soon.  The media, fans and the rest of the AFC South may as well come to grips with that and quickly.


Really Tiger? C’mon man.  It’s been barely a month since you got your DUI, when the cops found you only a smidgeon more conscious than a tomato can and higher than a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ear piercing.  I’m to believe you’re straight now?  You’ve kicked pain medication?  Really?  Ain’t nobody got time to believe you’ve completed an “out of state, private, extensive program” that’s going to be worth a damn in just a few, short weeks.  You can’t just tackle sobriety like you’re practicing flop shots from a thin lie.

There’s very little doubt that this short stint in rehab is purely attorney/client driven – a tactic to lessen the severity of Woods’ DUI stop’s penalty. While as a long-time Tiger Woods’ fan-boy, I truly hope this is real but I’m not stupid and neither are you.  This reeks of “how do I make this go away as easily as possible.”

It stinks.

Five weeks ago, I asked, When Does the Fall Finally Stop? I’m afraid with no real help – we haven’t come close to seeing him reach bottom.

I hope like hell I’m wrong.


Paul George. Good Riddance.  I hope you enjoy Oklahoma City.  Don’t worry, we’ve already warned Thunder fans that as long as Russell Westbrook takes any and all last second shots, things should go swimmingly.  Otherwise, gag city.  These are just facts.  I’m not being petty this time.  However, I’ve seen mice with bigger sets of nads.  No one chokes on a last second shot more than PG13.

Now that Paul has left, it’s almost like the Pacers are in the midst of a good ol’ forest fire. Sometimes, in order to clean up her mess, Mother Nature allows for a fire that cleans all the dead timber and undergrowth that in the end, allows the forest to return nutrients into the soil which in turn, allows for a healthy ecosystem with sustainable growth.

The Pacers are doing that now. They’re cleaning out the dead trees and decaying plant matter.  Paul George?  Gone.  Jeff Teague?  Off to Minnesota.  C.J. Myles?  Adios.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a minimum of eight new faces on next fall’s roster.

To put it simply, it’s time to embrace the suck! Let’s be real bad, real fast and see what happens.  This franchise hasn’t had a legitimate lottery pick in forever and a half.  Do I think Victor Oladipo is the answer?  Hell no.  I admit it, though – I love Vic.  Love his energy, athleticism, defense, everything.

Most sane Pacer fans aren’t expecting Vic to replace Paul’s numbers but maybe he’ll  be a pleasant surprise. A Lance Stephenson and Victor Oladipo backcourt sounds exciting.  Maybe they’ll lose a lot but at least they should play hard and entertain the fans.  Add a top 5 pick to the mix and how could it not get better?

I still would have liked to see Indiana take a run at Brownsburg’s Gordon Hayward.  Doubtful he’d head this way but at least offer him the moon.


If you want to know how bad of shape you’re in, head down to Tennessee and walk up and down their 9-zillion hills. You’ll find out quickly how you stack up.  Me?  I didn’t fare well.  I’m thinking about joining an “out-of-state, private, extensive” gym to try and get in shape.

Just like my favorite golfer, I should be fine in just a few, short weeks.