Sweet Tennessee Musings

Posted: July 5, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump / @Hoosier_Hoops

We’ve got quite a few things that we need to discuss. Since I’ve recently returned from vacationing in the beautiful hills of Tennessee, bear with me on my newfound accent as it may flow into my writing style.  Anyways, come on over, sit with me a spell and have yourself a sweet tea.  We’re fixin’ to be here a minute or two.

Let’s go.

It’s July 5th and we have no Earthly idea if Andrew Luck will be a go for training camp in a few, short weeks.  Hell, we don’t even know if he’s thrown a damn ball.  Isn’t that crazy?  After reading some of the multitude of injury experts’ opinions, 6 months was a comfortable timetable to recover from the shoulder surgery but that was really only the start!  It would be at least an additional 6 weeks of physical therapy before he could give it a go, or so they say.

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The real story here is that the Indianapolis Colts are secretive. They compete with the Patriots and their evil empire in one regard, and quite frankly, one regard only… in that they’re about as tight lipped an organization as you’ll find in the NFL and new GM Chris Ballard hasn’t deviated from the blueprint Hall-of-Fame GM Bill Polian laid out years ago:  You will know what we want you to know!

Let me tell you when you can expect to see #12 throwing a football to his wide receivers. When you see it! The Colts aren’t coming off of that information anytime soon.  The media, fans and the rest of the AFC South may as well come to grips with that and quickly.


Really Tiger? C’mon man.  It’s been barely a month since you got your DUI, when the cops found you only a smidgeon more conscious than a tomato can and higher than a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ear piercing.  I’m to believe you’re straight now?  You’ve kicked pain medication?  Really?  Ain’t nobody got time to believe you’ve completed an “out of state, private, extensive program” that’s going to be worth a damn in just a few, short weeks.  You can’t just tackle sobriety like you’re practicing flop shots from a thin lie.

There’s very little doubt that this short stint in rehab is purely attorney/client driven – a tactic to lessen the severity of Woods’ DUI stop’s penalty. While as a long-time Tiger Woods’ fan-boy, I truly hope this is real but I’m not stupid and neither are you.  This reeks of “how do I make this go away as easily as possible.”

It stinks.

Five weeks ago, I asked, When Does the Fall Finally Stop? I’m afraid with no real help – we haven’t come close to seeing him reach bottom.

I hope like hell I’m wrong.


Paul George. Good Riddance.  I hope you enjoy Oklahoma City.  Don’t worry, we’ve already warned Thunder fans that as long as Russell Westbrook takes any and all last second shots, things should go swimmingly.  Otherwise, gag city.  These are just facts.  I’m not being petty this time.  However, I’ve seen mice with bigger sets of nads.  No one chokes on a last second shot more than PG13.

Now that Paul has left, it’s almost like the Pacers are in the midst of a good ol’ forest fire. Sometimes, in order to clean up her mess, Mother Nature allows for a fire that cleans all the dead timber and undergrowth that in the end, allows the forest to return nutrients into the soil which in turn, allows for a healthy ecosystem with sustainable growth.

The Pacers are doing that now. They’re cleaning out the dead trees and decaying plant matter.  Paul George?  Gone.  Jeff Teague?  Off to Minnesota.  C.J. Myles?  Adios.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a minimum of eight new faces on next fall’s roster.

To put it simply, it’s time to embrace the suck! Let’s be real bad, real fast and see what happens.  This franchise hasn’t had a legitimate lottery pick in forever and a half.  Do I think Victor Oladipo is the answer?  Hell no.  I admit it, though – I love Vic.  Love his energy, athleticism, defense, everything.

Most sane Pacer fans aren’t expecting Vic to replace Paul’s numbers but maybe he’ll  be a pleasant surprise. A Lance Stephenson and Victor Oladipo backcourt sounds exciting.  Maybe they’ll lose a lot but at least they should play hard and entertain the fans.  Add a top 5 pick to the mix and how could it not get better?

I still would have liked to see Indiana take a run at Brownsburg’s Gordon Hayward.  Doubtful he’d head this way but at least offer him the moon.


If you want to know how bad of shape you’re in, head down to Tennessee and walk up and down their 9-zillion hills. You’ll find out quickly how you stack up.  Me?  I didn’t fare well.  I’m thinking about joining an “out-of-state, private, extensive” gym to try and get in shape.

Just like my favorite golfer, I should be fine in just a few, short weeks.


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