Only at Louisville…

Posted: July 20, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze found himself in hot water after it was revealed he made a one-minute call to an escort service. Freeze has since resigned. USA TODAY Sports

Just let that sink in.  A call was made using a school phone to an inappropriate service, the A.D. and school looked into this situation and the coach is no longer the200-2 coach.  I know it seems very obvious and simple to many of us but if you are part of the Louisville Bird Gang you’re probably just sitting there scratching your head like Britney Spears at a spelling bee.  Why is the school not trying to make this go away?  Why is the Athletic Director not circling the wagons to protect the coach at all costs?  Why is the coach leaving the school and not getting a raise and extension?  Hey, all valid questions if you are part of the soulless group known as Louisville fans.   I mean they have allowed this school and its athletic department to run unchecked for years and turn their program into a national punch line.  I mean hell, Ole Miss is the one that screwed up but myself and many others are writing about UofL tonight because their fanbase is so misguided.  No matter how bad the scandal is their rebuttal is always the same.  We’re still winning aren’t we?  We’re still getting good recruits right?

Look, don’t get me wrong, every school goes through scandal to some extent.  Wether it’s a coaching staff  problem like Kentucky and Indiana have dealt with over the years or a student academic problem as Notre Dame has faced in recent seasons one thing remains consistent.  It is not the scandal that remains important but how the school handles the scandal.  What did the powers to be know and what did they do when they found out?  You can attempt to cover up crimes and scandal like Penn State, Baylor and Louisville have done and deal with the fall out for many years to come.  Or you can own up to the problem and hold people accountable like 1242062Notre Dame did when they suspended their starting quarterback and point guard for cheating on a test.  You think there is any chance Louisville would suspend Lamar Jackson and Payton Silva for a complete season if they cheated on a test?  In both of those cases the loss of the player hurt their teams in the short run but it was over and the team, school and fans could move onimages-11 with their heads high.  Indiana has fired two high profile basketball coaches (one being the best coach in school history, Bob Knight) and a football coach in recent years for breaking rules or Unknown-17embarrassing the University.  Kentucky fired a Hall of Fame coach, a couple ADs and a football coach over scandals.  See the trend?  Someone messes up, someone is held accountable, school gets to move past the mess.

I am still amazed how any Louisville fan without a criminal record (I know a couple, no really I do!) still  justifies the actions of their school.


Only at Louisville does a coach survive after knocking up a skank in a public restaurant and having an assistant drive said skank to the abortion clinic.  (never mind the assistant then fell in love and married this train wreck afterwards.)

Only at Louisville does the fanbase welcome back a coach that left them high and dry with a roster full of issues.  (never mind that same coach left one team midseason and was fired from another for attempting to cover up an affair with a student staffer.)

Only at Louisville can a coaching staff pay for hookers to have sex with recruits and players on school property and not have one coach or administrator lose their job.  (No really, not one person has been fired for this.  Andre McGee had already left while this was still going on and was never fired by Louisville.)

Only at Louisville can an AD orchestrate the cover ups to all the scandals and not be removed.

Only at Louisville…


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