Ugly Colts QB Situation Getting Uglier

Posted: August 29, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump

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The Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback situation is as big of a mess as you can imagine. It’s an absolute nightmare. What’s more, it’s getting worse by the week – if not by the day.  What’s caused me to lose my mind, and perhaps you’ve already heard this – is that in yesterday’s media scrum with Colts’ inept Head Coach Chuck Pagano, Pagano told Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel, that he hasn’t seen Andrew Luck throw the football yet.  I mean, he’s thrown the ball some but he just hasn’t watched it.

Uh, what?! Come again?  How in Sam Hell can that even be possible?  In what universe is that a plausible scenario?

One, I don’t believe that for a second – not one – but two, if that’s indeed true, then Pagano should be embarrassed and may as well resign immediately because he’s as far on the outside of a team’s inner workings as a person can be without getting fired.  Save yourself the embarrassment and resign.  But again, I don’t believe that for a second.

Can you even imagine admitting (lying) to the local media that you haven’t watched your $140M QB throw the football yet? Hell, Andrew Luck is the only guy in this entire organization that has any legitimate shot at saving Pagano’s job and enabling him to continue coaching for more than one season with Colts’ new GM Chris Ballard.  You haven’t seen him throw?  Give me a break.  That’s a bunch of bullshit.  You know it and I know it.  Shame on you for even coming at the media and the fans with that garbage.  If I’m Pagano, I’m not sure Luck has thrown a pass that I haven’t seen!

It’s actually pathetic that the Colts’ brass sent Chuck out to the media with that message in tow. You know without a shadow of a doubt that when Ballard told Pagano to play dumb and tell the media that you haven’t seen him throw the football yet that Pagano had to feel like an absolute buffoon.  I thought Pagano was a proud man.  Nope, I was wrong.  Anybody that can go out in front of a media herd like that and lie with that much conviction, all the while making himself out to be a first class stooge – nope, not an ounce of pride left in the man.  None.

The writing is on the wall. Andrew won’t be playing the first couple of games, at best.  You can take that one to the bank.  So, with Luck out, that leads us to our next issue:

Stephen Morris is not getting the shot to be the starting quarterback that he deserves. Hell, he’s not getting the shot that this football team deserves.  We’ve seen Scott Tolzien.  Are you impressed?  Is there anything you’re seeing that blows you away and would make you think that Morris doesn’t deserve a chance?  Any attributes possessed that you see and say, “Now that’s what I want in my starting quarterback!”  Hell no.  Of course not.

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Tolzien was putrid in the first two exhibition games. Simply awful.  Granted, he did play better against Pittsburgh but guess what?  We were watching the details, weren’t we?  We saw that the first scoring drive was keyed by a Donte Moncrief broken tackle that turned a 7-yard gain into 55 yards and then an opening TD.  We were watching.

Don’t think for a second that we didn’t see the red zone interception when Tolzien never saw linebacker Ryan Shazier pop out and make an easy play, costing the Colts some points. Those are mistakes that can’t be made.  They just can’t.

Meanwhile, Colts’ 3rd team QB Stephen Morris continues to inch closer and closer to Tolzien.  Morris continues to make play after play after play after play.  When something breaks down, he finds a way to move the ball – or at a minimum, to find a way to not lose field position.  He’s not making big mistakes and quite frankly, deserves a real shot to work with the Indianapolis Colts first-team offensive line and playmakers.  This is not the time for Chuck to be weak.  There is a realistic scenario that says Andrew Luck doesn’t play for a month of this season.

If Indy wants to waste yet another Luck season, then go ahead and stay with status quo. Go ahead and start the career backup quarterback that every damn player on the Colts’ sideline knows won’t make a real difference.  Go ahead and start that backup that the opposing team’s defensive coordinator won’t lose a wink of sleep over.  Not a single wink.

I’m fearful that Pagano has wasted all of training camp not giving Morris the snaps with the first team that he needs to be successful. This weekend’s final preseason game with the Bengals won’t be a great venue to showcase this battle as most likely, Cincinnati will sit most, if not all, of its starting defensive unit.  Wouldn’t have been nice to see Morris play against the Steelers starters, instead of backups, to see what was there?

I’d like to have seen it.

Not Chuck Pagano though. You see, Chuck doesn’t watch his quarterbacks throw the football.

Just ask him.

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