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Tonight Archie and J Klee tackled the crazy week in college basketball.  We discussed the house cleaning at Louisville and how clueless Pitino still is.  We go into how Indiana and Kentucky could be drug into the mess and if there is really anything for the two fan bases to be worried about.  Plus the classic country song of the night.

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Awww, Rick Pitino is all alone and sad…

Posted: September 29, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So Rick Pitino told, I mean allowed, Louisville radio personality and friend, Terry Meiners to share his text message with the public.


Aww, Rick is sitting some where all alone probably rocking back and forth in a corner and wants us to feel sorry for him.  And to that I have only one response.


The SOB probably should have thought of that before he crapped on everyone in his life.  Rick better hope that hush money he paid over the years is more than the advance money book companies are willing to hand out.

I am a member of the Big Blue Nation.  My brother is a Louisville Cardinal fan.  We have not agreed on much when it came to college basketball over the past seven years but we can finally agree on one thing.  Rick Pitino is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk the college basketball sideline.

Pitino has never put anything or anyone before himself.  Not the schools he has worked for, not the players he has coached, not his family, friends, or even his wife.  When Sports Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.15.23 PMIllustrated released the article, Full Court Pressure by William Nack in 1996, they added this controversial illustration of Rick dragging Joanne.  Little did we know then he would go on to drag her and their marriage through the sludge of Sex, Lies and Hidden Abortions like he did.  They say if a person gets a DUI it probably isn’t the first time they drove drunk.  Just like it probably wasn’t Ricks first time plowing a skank in a plate of linguine.  Did he come clean?  Not a chance.  He only told the truth when he was under oath and forced by law to do so.

Did Rick learn his lesson?  Nope, he did what every great liar does, compartmentalized, rationalize and move on like nothing ever happened.  If you do it enough you get real good at it and Rick is the master.

For his next trick he set up a culture that lead to the Katina Powel prostitution scandal.  I said from day one that Pitno knew.  I never once believed his lies.  No coach as attention to detail like Rick would ever allow top recruits on campus and not know exactly what they were doing.  Once again did Rick take responsibility on any level? No, he threw a guy under the bus that he had coached, and mentored over the years.

And it brings us to this.  Universtiy-6 and Coach-2.  And the biggest lie he has told yet.

Thanks O.J. for committing to taking whatever steps to ensure those responsible are held accountable.  Just do everyone a favor, including your family, and go jump off the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge instead.

They really didn’t have a chance.  Louisville fans that is.  They were getting their rivals most prized coach since Rupp for their own.  Couple that with the Us vs The World marketing campaign Jurich built the new Louisville brand around.  Jurich changed everything from the logo to the uniforms.  He gave the fans new buildings and a sense of identity that brought the City of Louisville together like I have never seen before.  He embraced the rough side of Louisville, the type of fan the Oxford shirt Catholic crowd and educated black community had always pushed aside and made them feel apart.  He didn’t worry about image to those outside of Louisville because it was Us vs The World.  Because of this identity and sense of ownership the fan base had of their coach’s back when faced with scandal, and they faced it a lot.  They were defensive and defiant – sticking together and taking up for each other.

Until now.

So what do they do?  From what we are hearing UofL will be naming 32-year-old David Padgett Interim Head Coach today.  Not the most ideal move but probably the only choice they really had.  No coach worth his weight in salt was going to take over a program with so many unknowns.

Louisville has started their rebuild.  They are in the process of cleaning house and starting over.  The three-headed monster of Ramsey, Jurich and Pitino have been removed from power.  There is already talk that Bobby P is looking to leave after this season and once again Louisville fans should embrace that.   It is very important that UofL now puts in place people who put the school, its students and the community it serves first and not the bank accounts of the decision makers.  They must hire an AD that will hire quality people who are good coaches and not just great coaches.  They need to change their branding back to a time when people felt good and lose the L yeah and BirdGang mentality. Embrace the change and for the love of God and get on board bringing the NBA to the Commonwealth!!!  Do you have any idea how much this would help the rebuild?  Can you imagine what Calipari would do if he had a NBA team in Lexington.  That could be you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to root for the Cards to lose but basketball is better when Louisville is good.  Basketball is better without that sack of shit Pitino.




Betting with Britt

Posted: September 28, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Well, I went 6-4 last week, for a total of 23-7. I’m not happy with 6-4. I know the “experts” say that should be your goal, and be happy about it. I want more. I go into every week thinking I’m going to go 10-0, but would be happy at 7-3. However, 23-7 is pretty damn good, it’s a 77% clip, so overall I’m pretty happy.

Let me say a quick word about part of my system, how I go about things. On Monday mornings, I make my own lines before I see the Vegas lines. In college, I’m pretty close. As you know, the scores are a lot higher, so there’s more room to work with. In the pros, I’m scary good, and I mean good as in I’m usually within 1-2 points, And if I see a big difference, I take a little more of a look.

You see, I feel Vegas sets trap games, meaning they purposely set lines at a “too good to believe” number so gamblers will hit the other side hard, and then lose. I don’t have any stats to back this up, but I’d say when I see this happen, the other side wins 75% of the time. This will come into play this weekend, as you’ll read below:

1) Minnesota -13 vs. Maryland. The Terps just got crushed at home by UCF and are down to their third string QB. Minn is a sleeper team, old school rushing attack and a strong D. GOPHERS -13

2) Northwestern +15 vs. Wisconsin. Wisconsin has looked good, but these games are always smash mouth, low scoring games. NORTHWESTERN +15

3) Vandy +9.5 vs. Florida. Vandy got smashed last week by Bama. They are a better team, Bama is just a machine. Florida has skated by in their 2 wins. VANDY +9.5

4) Georgia vs. Tennessee. The Georgia freshman QB has been solid and they have the best 1-2 running back punch in the country. Tenn has given up 22 ppg against GT, Indiana St., Florida, and UMASS. Georgia may score 40. OVER 47

5) Virginia Tech +7.5 vs. Clemson. I’m been a big VT fan ever since they beat IU in a bowl game in the early 90’s, just always loved the way they played under Frank Beamer. Now, with a new HC, they have the same DC and play the same kick ass special teams, which was Beamer’s specialty, they just score more now. I’m still not convinced in Clemson yet. Yes, they beat Louisville, but they are proving to maybe not be as good as thought, I can assure you Lane Stadium in Blacksburg will be TOTALLY ROCKING. I’m also taking the moneyline in the game with VT +200. HOKIES +7.5

6) Cowboys -6 vs. Rams. Rams 2-1 record is a product of their schedule., Cowboys came together on MNF. This game gets ugly. COWBOYS -6

7) Detroit vs. Minn. Simply put, these games almost always go under. Numbers don’t lie . UNDER 42.5

8) Steelers -3 vs. Ravens. These 2 teams HATE each other. But Baltimore hasn’t shown much so far and Pitt has much more talent. STEELERS -3

9) Chargers -1 vs. Eagles. Here’s where we get to my intro that I wrote above. I had the Eagles has a 4 point favorite in this game. That’s a 5 point swing. I’m NEVER that far off, but if I am, my “trap game radar” goes off. Chargers haven’t played bad, and don’t they always start off 0-3 then finish 8-8? Eagles travel cross country, and it’ll be a long flight home. CHARGERS -1

10) Seattle -13 vs. Colts. I love Chad Schrump’s enthusiasm concerning the Colts, it’s cute. Let’s remember, all they did was beat the Browns. Seattle is pissed, and although I hate everything about them, my pocketbook likes them this weekend. This game might get flexed at halftime to a replay of an earlier game that was close. Seattle wins 44-13. SEATTLE -13  

*Season (23-7)

Make Baseball Great Again!

Posted: September 28, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Image result for cincinnati reds 1980s

I LOVE BASEBALL! I played it. I coached it. I spent my youth at Riverfront Stadium and old Bush Stadium. This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen will ALWAYS be the best highlight show to ever air. I’d set my alarm on Sunday mornings to get the Sunday paper because all the stats of every player was listed in it. I’d write down every single Reds’ players’ stats. I went to sleep every night with my Sears Solid State radio on, listening to Marty and Joe do the Reds’ games.

I lived, ate, and breathed baseball.

The great thing about baseball is, you don’t have to be the biggest or fastest or quickest to make it. It’s more about determination, quick wrists, good eye/hand coordination… with a little talent sprinkled in.

Baseball, America’s pastime. However, baseball  has declined over the years while the other major sports leagues have flourished. And here are my ideas to “Make Baseball Great Again”.

1) My biggest complaint is I don’t want to watch the World Series in the snow. I don’t want to see the fans in winter coats. I don’t want to watch baseball in the same month I celebrate Thanksgiving and start my Christmas shopping. And, I’m getting too damn old to switch between baseball, football, and basketball. My back button on my remote can’t handle it and and I’ve already had one thumb surgery due to this condition!

Image result for baseball game in snow

My solution is this: Most people want to keep a 162 game schedule. Fine. In the months of June, July, and August, have regularly scheduled double headers every Saturday.  And I don’t mean day/night double headers, I mean old school, game 2 is 30 minutes after game 1. Charge fans 50% more for those tickets. For example, a $20 ticket would cost $30 that day – so, revenue wouldn’t take a big hit. April and May can be too wet so keep September open for makeups. This will get them 12 games in those 3 months, shortening the season by 2 weeks. Then, the season is over by mid-October.

Listen, these players stay in the best hotels, have the best transportation, have personal chefs, personal trainers and personal assistants that travel with them, they’ll be fine. All they do is simply stand in one spot for 10 minutes, 9 times a night.  Again, they’ll be fine. If they’re really good, 1 out of every 3 at bats they have to sprint 90 feet. But most only have to 1 out of 4 times. They’ll be fine. You either make a change to rosters to have a 26 man roster or you allow each team to call up an extra pitcher each weekend without having to put someone on the DL.

Image result for ken griffey jr

2) I HATE, and I mean LOATHE, all the mid summer trades where teams basically borrow a player for 3 months to go for a ring. The best solution, and this would help competition as well, is to go to a hard salary cap like the NFL. But other ideas are the player has to have at least 2 more years left on his contract so it doesn’t seem like a quick rental. Or, move the trade deadline up to June 1st, when more teams are still in a pennant race and don’t want to quit yet. I’m sure there are more ideas, but just get rid of this rule. I HATE rental teams.

3) I also HATE and LOATHE the designated hitter. It takes so much away from baseball and the strategy of double switches and pinch hitting and all that other fun, crazy stuff. Plus, I’m old school, I’d much rather see a 3-2 baseball game than a 13-9 baseball game.

4) The playoffs. I’m actually glad they expanded the playoffs to 5, But I have a real hard time seeing teams play 162 games, then have a 1 game playoff to get down to 4 in each league. My solution is 1 of 2 things. A) Let those 2 teams play 2 out of 3, all games are at the higher seed. This would only cost them 1-2 extra days. Or, B) expand to 6 teams in each league, the 1 and 2 seeds get a bye, and let the other 4 play 2 out of 3, basically the same format as the NFL. I prefer plan B

5) This season, four of the six pennant races have been over since the all-star break. That’s ridiculous and is a direct result of #2.  80% of teams trade all their talent and go into a 10 year rebuild mode. Again, a hard cap fixes this.

6) Have throwback nights. Have the teams wear uniforms from all decades. How cool would that be?

Image result for astros jersey

That’s it. There’s more, but these first 5 or 6 are musts if baseball is going to survive new generations. If not, you’ll have the same 4-6 teams winning every year, and the new millennials won’t give a shit about their home team going 70-92 every, single year and teams will fold quicker than Bill Buckner fielding a grounder. Also, you can basically apply most of these to the NBA as well. It’s worse there, I just don’t care and am not as passionate about the NBA.


The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Every Done

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OK, we all know this week has not been an ordinary week around these parts but I have to admit my nerd side led me down a path to one of the oddest things I have done in a long time.

I had a Twitter back and forth with a former University of Kentucky and Boston College quarterback, Patrick Towels, about the correlation between the basketball scandal and Harry Potter.  Yep, you read that correctly.


I know, I’m a dork.

KSR’s Fake Barney with My Ding-a-Ling

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Unknown-2Today was one for the ages around college basketball and especially around Kentucky Sports Radio.  If you follow Matt and the crew at KSR you know how much fun they had today.  If you don’t, you should even if you are not a part of the BBN for the pure entertainment value.

From time to time Fake Barney calls in and sings one of his patented kids songs for the guys.  Well today he put Baby Bob down for a nap long enough to call in with his latest tune and it was gold!