5 Reasons you should hate Georgia #GoIrish

Posted: September 7, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Waffle House 


I blame Waffle House for the obesity of the southeast.  You would think as hot as it was in Georgia people would want to lose a few lbs.  Hey, gravy is not a beverage!  These people go to this place sober for the love of God.

The Fans

Georgia is one of those fan bases that are way too big for their britches.  The Bulldogs have not been relevant nationally since Herschel Walker was there in the early 80’s almost 40 years ago, hell, that’s three generations of Georgia fans, but if you hear them you would think they are Alabama.  Case in point, this jackass.


The Traffic


I purposely will only travel through the state of Georgia between the hours of 3am-Noon.  This way I avoid the Atlanta traffic and the trip only takes 5 hours instead of 10.  The only downside of this is having to deal will all the meth heads at the gas stations.  Now I have made stops all over this country but Georgia is the one state I don’t let the girls out of the car to use the rest room.  They can hold it till Chattanooga.

Roadside Food


No one wants your roadside fruit, veggies or nuts, got it?!?!  I have never ever seen anyone pulled over to buy peaches, onions, pecans or those horrible boiled peanuts.  In the other 49 states we have these things called grocery stores where we can buy produce and not have to deal with the pedifiles manning these stands.

Georgia Florida Line


I don’t really have to explain this one right?  I mean if you like this shit then you probably aren’t reading this post anyway.

So there you go, a few reasons why Notre Dame needs to lay the wood to the Bulldogs this Saturday evening.  Like you really needed my help to hate Georgia.




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