Sorry Chuck but it’s time to go!

Posted: September 10, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump

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The incompetence is mind numbing, isn’t it Colts’ fans? It can make a rational fan angry – searching for answers – for anything really, just trying to understand how big-time decisions are screwed up so consistently, so effortlessly by the same head coach and the same coaching staff for years now.

This isn’t a fluke. This is a proven, bumbling entity. None of this should surprise, yet somehow – the level of ineptitude shown by buffoon Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano and his coaches – all of them, is simply maddening.

This Indy football team, minus one of the best 7 or 8 quarterbacks in the National Football League, needed every break in the world, on the road, to open the 2017 season in Los Angeles. Yet somehow, without Andrew Luck – the one pounding the Colts with more body blows than anyone, was Pagano.

Scott Tolzien threw an early pick-6. Fine. Shit happens. More importantly though, he and the Colts responded immediately by driving down the field on their next possession and seemingly answered with a touchdown of their own on a nice catch and run by promising rookie running back Marlon Mack.

However, it was ruled that Mack went out of bounds at the one-yard line but replay showed the rookie runner actually got the ball over the pylon while keeping his feet inbounds. It was a helluva play. All that was left, was for the Colts’ coaches to make sure Pagano challenged the ruling.

Instead, the Colts did the absolute unimaginable. They rushed to the line of scrimmage and quick snapped the football, hoping to catch the Rams off guard. It didn’t work. The Colts then repeatedly failed to punch the ball into the end zone and settled for an Adam Vinatieri field goal.

How does that happen? How?

The tone was set.

…and the rout was on.

Pagano failed to have his guys’ collective backs and in a game that every point would be needed, screwed up as badly as a head coach could. It was an error that perhaps no other coach in the NFL would make. It was a crippling blow to a team that needed to answer the Rams.

Instead, the message was sent loud and clear:

Pagano essentially told his team that he didn’t believe in them. He didn’t defend a bad call. He decided that he needed to be tricky to put points on the board by quick snapping the ball.

It was a complete disaster.

It was quintessential Chuck Pagano.

I’m not going to recap Sunday’s game. We all saw the horror show that is one Scott Tolzien. Not one but two pick-6 interception returns? I begged for Stephen Morris but clearly, being erratic in OTA’s was more important than being good in games. Is that maddening or what? That’s a damn joke.

Did Pagano make that decision or did Colts’ GM Chris Ballard? This franchise had 9 months to find a suitable replacement for an injured Luck and this is what they decided on? Jesus, did Jim Irsay make this decision?

Just know this though:

Indianapolis began the game with some fire in their bellies on the defensive side of the ball but once Pagano hijacked points off of his own scoreboard, you could see the deflation from the entire team. They were done. They looked like a birthday balloon that someone let the air out of – fluttering about meekly until falling harmlessly to the ground.

You waited 252 days to watch that performance. Did you realize that? Was it worth the wait?

Under this coach, this football team quits. They almost always quit when things start going poorly. Fight or flight? Hell, they sprint out of there. Fight? Puhleeze!

So yeah, we definitely must blame the players – and my God do I ever, but you’ve got to know that this coach and this coaching staff is an absolute joke.

This football team made a subpar, 2nd year L.A. quarterback look adequate, instead of looking like the underperforming, bad draft choice that Jared Goff actually is. This guy threw 5 touchdowns all of last season. Five! He looked like Aaron Rodgers Sunday.

The Colts had no blitz packages available that put any pressure on Goff whatsoever. Oh, and TJ Green at corner is an unmitigated disaster. He’s beyond terrible. I didn’t think this defense could get any worse than last year’s.

I was wrong.

An angry Arizona is next on the slate and coincidentally, is led by Bruce Arians, many of whom – including me, believe should have remained as Colts’ head coach several years ago.

I foolishly thought that if the Colts could just hang on, while playing one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, until Andrew Luck returned – that they’d have a shot at winning the AFC South.

How stupid. They’re 0-1 and flat out quit against the Rams.

I just didn’t know that besides competing against the teams on their schedule – they’d have to beat their own coach, too.

So, with that – Chuck Pagano should be fired. Actually, Chuck Pagano needs fired even before the team plane lands in Indianapolis. It’s not personal. It’s just necessary.

When your team quits on you – the coach has to go. Immediately.

Go Chuck, go.

  1. Mitchell Owens says:

    Plain n simple….nicely done


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