Betting with Britt

Posted: September 14, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…That’s right folks. EIGHT. As in 8-2. I said EIGHT AND TWO. Yes, I know all about karma. I know I can very well go 2-8 next week, that’s why I’m bragging now. But seriously, I’ve been doing this for 35 years, since middle school, and the best time to make money is early in the season, like the first 3 weeks, before teams become established and form an identity and trends set in. That’s when Vegas becomes MUCH smarter than the average bettor. So, jump on them quick and early, while the picking good. So, here we go with week 2:

1) Coastal Carolina vs. UAB. STOP LAUGHING!!! Remember last week when I said my games might not be the most sexy games on the card, but it’s all about making money? Well, here’s proof. Remember, they still pay out the green folding money when you win. This game will go way over the 51.5. As a matter of fact, if it doesn’t go over, Chad Schrump will dress up as a Hooter’s girl for Halloween. (please go over)   OVER 51.5

2) Louisville +3.5 vs. Clemson. I know it’s mid September, but with the Florida St QB situation, this game will probably decide the ACC Atlantic division. Clemson has played a cupcake at home, and a good Auburn team with very little offense at home. Louisville hasn’t had a home game yet and beat 2 decent teams. Both teams have speed. But what I see happening is a very aggressive Clemson D being lil eager beavers and Jackson burning them for several big plays. I wouldn’t even be surprised if this game turns south for Dabo quickly. LOUISVILLE +3.5

3) Tenn vs.Florida. Tenn struggled most of the night vs GT, and even though they scored alot of points, it was all late and then in 2 OT’s. Florida’s D is better than a few NFL teams (like that one that plays at Lucas), but the Florida offense is painful to watch. Translation: UNDER 49.5

4) Tulsa +9 vs. Toledo. This Tulsa team is always good, plays a good schedule, and puts up points. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they won outright here. At +260, a money line play here would be a smart, value play. But 9 is way to many to give them. TULSA +9.

5) Texas +16 vs. USC. As I said earlier, I’m a numbers guy. I’m a numbers guy down to my core. Stats and numbers. Numbers and stats. I can crunch them with the best of them. And all the numbers say take USC. But my hunch, my gut (and its a big gut), tells me Texas covers on a national tv night game. Texas D is better than they showed in week 1 vs the Terps and they have a good secondary. USC wins but, Texas covers. TEXAS +16

6) Tenn -1 vs. Jags. Sometimes teams win, and other times the other team lost. Last week, the Jags didn’t win, Houston lost. (TOM SAVAGE, LMFAO)  I’m still high on Mariota and Tenn. I think the Jags are an improving team with decent talent, I just think Tenn is better in basically a pick’em game. And home field doesn’t really matter here, only 30,000-35,000 show up and half of them go get in the swimming pool on the upper deck. Jacksonville should lose their team simply for having this half stadium/half cabana atrocity. Man, I miss the old days when you went to a game to watch football. Anyways, grumpy old man lecture is over. TENN -1

7) Eagles vs. KC. KC put a hurting on NE Thursday night, which made people in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and all other US territories happy. But that’s not who KC is. They are a run 1st, run 2nd, ball possession team. And with their secondary hurting, they will be even more so this week. Wentz had a good game agaisnt the Skins, but gotta prove more to me than that. What’s all this mean? UNDER 47.5

8) Cards vs. Colts. David Johnson, probably the best player in the league is out. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald (who, btw, I’m a HUGE fan of) got their AARP cards in the mail earlier this week. And I don’t even need to analyze the Colts offense. Although I will say that Pagano, being the football man he is, it was his call to hire Rob Chudzinski as OC. OH, BTW, IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW THIS, HE CAME FROM THE BROWNS. Nuff said. Cards win 43.9 to ZIP and stay under the number…UNDER 44

9) Steelers -5 vs. Minn. Bradford looked good, but it was against the Saints. This ain’t the Saints. Bell gets his timing down, Ben hits AB 9 times. Steelers win 27-13. STEELERS -5

10) Oakland -13 vs. Jets. Big numbers usually scare me in the NFL. But not when laying them agaisnt this years Jets team. Possibly the next 0-16 team??? Lay the number, lay the wife, take a nap, and cash your ticket 3 hours later. OAKLAND -13

Season (8-2)

  1. Jeff Henning says:

    I’m not gonna go against a guy that went 8-2 last week, but man I’m struggling bad with 2 of the college picks this week! I feel like Clemsons defense is way too good to even think about taking Louisville and 3 1/2 points. The other struggle is I think Texas is god awful and wouldn’t bet them getting 30 points! We shall see. Happy hunting


  2. […] 9-1 picking football games against the spread is just plain stupid and when it follows an 8-2 week I think you must be a frickin wizard or something.  I’m not even sure Biff Tannen went 17-3 with the stinking sports almanac for the love of God.  All I know is I’m taking Kenny Biff’s, I mean Kenny Britt’s picks to the bank this week and I would advise you do the same. […]


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