COACHING SEARCH: Who Louisville Should Hire

Posted: September 27, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The University of Louisville did today what they should have done two years ago.  They have cleaned house.  For the first time in a LOOOONG time I heard a UofL representative stand at a microphone and make sense.  Interim President, Dr. Greg Postel, sounded like a man who was making a decision for the University and the community it serves and not for his checkbook.  In the statement today he made it clear that the school wanted to move fast in naming an interim coach and doing so within the next 48 hours.  In my mind there are only two guys you reach out to and you don’t stop asking till one says yes.

  1. Dan Dakich


Yes, Dakich has blocked me on Twitter.  Yes, Dakich is a prick.  Yes, Dakich can’t hold a college job.  But the reason he hasn’t held those jobs is because he wants to run a clean program that answer to NO outside voices.  This should be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd calls.  I don’t think he would take it but if he wants to get back into coaching this would be his best opportunity to do it his way at a big time program.

  1. Tom Crean


Yes, he is a dork.  Yes, one of his players ran over another one with a car.  Yes, his point guard was using fake IDs in a B-town bar.  But Crean has been there and done that.  Taking over the trash heap at IU after they would not let Dakich do it.  Crean not only made the program credible but to this date did it without cutting corners. And how much fun would that make the Dec. 9th game between the Hoosiers and Cards be?

I know you all think I’m kidding but really, one of these two guys should be the next coach at Louisville if they want to rebuild their program.

  1. JRR says:

    Love Crean as LV. Would insure their continued demise.

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