Betting with Britt

Posted: September 28, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Well, I went 6-4 last week, for a total of 23-7. I’m not happy with 6-4. I know the “experts” say that should be your goal, and be happy about it. I want more. I go into every week thinking I’m going to go 10-0, but would be happy at 7-3. However, 23-7 is pretty damn good, it’s a 77% clip, so overall I’m pretty happy.

Let me say a quick word about part of my system, how I go about things. On Monday mornings, I make my own lines before I see the Vegas lines. In college, I’m pretty close. As you know, the scores are a lot higher, so there’s more room to work with. In the pros, I’m scary good, and I mean good as in I’m usually within 1-2 points, And if I see a big difference, I take a little more of a look.

You see, I feel Vegas sets trap games, meaning they purposely set lines at a “too good to believe” number so gamblers will hit the other side hard, and then lose. I don’t have any stats to back this up, but I’d say when I see this happen, the other side wins 75% of the time. This will come into play this weekend, as you’ll read below:

1) Minnesota -13 vs. Maryland. The Terps just got crushed at home by UCF and are down to their third string QB. Minn is a sleeper team, old school rushing attack and a strong D. GOPHERS -13

2) Northwestern +15 vs. Wisconsin. Wisconsin has looked good, but these games are always smash mouth, low scoring games. NORTHWESTERN +15

3) Vandy +9.5 vs. Florida. Vandy got smashed last week by Bama. They are a better team, Bama is just a machine. Florida has skated by in their 2 wins. VANDY +9.5

4) Georgia vs. Tennessee. The Georgia freshman QB has been solid and they have the best 1-2 running back punch in the country. Tenn has given up 22 ppg against GT, Indiana St., Florida, and UMASS. Georgia may score 40. OVER 47

5) Virginia Tech +7.5 vs. Clemson. I’m been a big VT fan ever since they beat IU in a bowl game in the early 90’s, just always loved the way they played under Frank Beamer. Now, with a new HC, they have the same DC and play the same kick ass special teams, which was Beamer’s specialty, they just score more now. I’m still not convinced in Clemson yet. Yes, they beat Louisville, but they are proving to maybe not be as good as thought, I can assure you Lane Stadium in Blacksburg will be TOTALLY ROCKING. I’m also taking the moneyline in the game with VT +200. HOKIES +7.5

6) Cowboys -6 vs. Rams. Rams 2-1 record is a product of their schedule., Cowboys came together on MNF. This game gets ugly. COWBOYS -6

7) Detroit vs. Minn. Simply put, these games almost always go under. Numbers don’t lie . UNDER 42.5

8) Steelers -3 vs. Ravens. These 2 teams HATE each other. But Baltimore hasn’t shown much so far and Pitt has much more talent. STEELERS -3

9) Chargers -1 vs. Eagles. Here’s where we get to my intro that I wrote above. I had the Eagles has a 4 point favorite in this game. That’s a 5 point swing. I’m NEVER that far off, but if I am, my “trap game radar” goes off. Chargers haven’t played bad, and don’t they always start off 0-3 then finish 8-8? Eagles travel cross country, and it’ll be a long flight home. CHARGERS -1

10) Seattle -13 vs. Colts. I love Chad Schrump’s enthusiasm concerning the Colts, it’s cute. Let’s remember, all they did was beat the Browns. Seattle is pissed, and although I hate everything about them, my pocketbook likes them this weekend. This game might get flexed at halftime to a replay of an earlier game that was close. Seattle wins 44-13. SEATTLE -13  

*Season (23-7)


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