Make Baseball Great Again!

Posted: September 28, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

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I LOVE BASEBALL! I played it. I coached it. I spent my youth at Riverfront Stadium and old Bush Stadium. This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen will ALWAYS be the best highlight show to ever air. I’d set my alarm on Sunday mornings to get the Sunday paper because all the stats of every player was listed in it. I’d write down every single Reds’ players’ stats. I went to sleep every night with my Sears Solid State radio on, listening to Marty and Joe do the Reds’ games.

I lived, ate, and breathed baseball.

The great thing about baseball is, you don’t have to be the biggest or fastest or quickest to make it. It’s more about determination, quick wrists, good eye/hand coordination… with a little talent sprinkled in.

Baseball, America’s pastime. However, baseball  has declined over the years while the other major sports leagues have flourished. And here are my ideas to “Make Baseball Great Again”.

1) My biggest complaint is I don’t want to watch the World Series in the snow. I don’t want to see the fans in winter coats. I don’t want to watch baseball in the same month I celebrate Thanksgiving and start my Christmas shopping. And, I’m getting too damn old to switch between baseball, football, and basketball. My back button on my remote can’t handle it and and I’ve already had one thumb surgery due to this condition!

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My solution is this: Most people want to keep a 162 game schedule. Fine. In the months of June, July, and August, have regularly scheduled double headers every Saturday.  And I don’t mean day/night double headers, I mean old school, game 2 is 30 minutes after game 1. Charge fans 50% more for those tickets. For example, a $20 ticket would cost $30 that day – so, revenue wouldn’t take a big hit. April and May can be too wet so keep September open for makeups. This will get them 12 games in those 3 months, shortening the season by 2 weeks. Then, the season is over by mid-October.

Listen, these players stay in the best hotels, have the best transportation, have personal chefs, personal trainers and personal assistants that travel with them, they’ll be fine. All they do is simply stand in one spot for 10 minutes, 9 times a night.  Again, they’ll be fine. If they’re really good, 1 out of every 3 at bats they have to sprint 90 feet. But most only have to 1 out of 4 times. They’ll be fine. You either make a change to rosters to have a 26 man roster or you allow each team to call up an extra pitcher each weekend without having to put someone on the DL.

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2) I HATE, and I mean LOATHE, all the mid summer trades where teams basically borrow a player for 3 months to go for a ring. The best solution, and this would help competition as well, is to go to a hard salary cap like the NFL. But other ideas are the player has to have at least 2 more years left on his contract so it doesn’t seem like a quick rental. Or, move the trade deadline up to June 1st, when more teams are still in a pennant race and don’t want to quit yet. I’m sure there are more ideas, but just get rid of this rule. I HATE rental teams.

3) I also HATE and LOATHE the designated hitter. It takes so much away from baseball and the strategy of double switches and pinch hitting and all that other fun, crazy stuff. Plus, I’m old school, I’d much rather see a 3-2 baseball game than a 13-9 baseball game.

4) The playoffs. I’m actually glad they expanded the playoffs to 5, But I have a real hard time seeing teams play 162 games, then have a 1 game playoff to get down to 4 in each league. My solution is 1 of 2 things. A) Let those 2 teams play 2 out of 3, all games are at the higher seed. This would only cost them 1-2 extra days. Or, B) expand to 6 teams in each league, the 1 and 2 seeds get a bye, and let the other 4 play 2 out of 3, basically the same format as the NFL. I prefer plan B

5) This season, four of the six pennant races have been over since the all-star break. That’s ridiculous and is a direct result of #2.  80% of teams trade all their talent and go into a 10 year rebuild mode. Again, a hard cap fixes this.

6) Have throwback nights. Have the teams wear uniforms from all decades. How cool would that be?

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That’s it. There’s more, but these first 5 or 6 are musts if baseball is going to survive new generations. If not, you’ll have the same 4-6 teams winning every year, and the new millennials won’t give a shit about their home team going 70-92 every, single year and teams will fold quicker than Bill Buckner fielding a grounder. Also, you can basically apply most of these to the NBA as well. It’s worse there, I just don’t care and am not as passionate about the NBA.



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