Pitino and UofL Culture is to Blame, What can Card Fans do to Fix It

Posted: September 29, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I am a member of the Big Blue Nation.  My brother is a Louisville Cardinal fan.  We have not agreed on much when it came to college basketball over the past seven years but we can finally agree on one thing.  Rick Pitino is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk the college basketball sideline.

Pitino has never put anything or anyone before himself.  Not the schools he has worked for, not the players he has coached, not his family, friends, or even his wife.  When Sports Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.15.23 PMIllustrated released the article, Full Court Pressure by William Nack in 1996, they added this controversial illustration of Rick dragging Joanne.  Little did we know then he would go on to drag her and their marriage through the sludge of Sex, Lies and Hidden Abortions like he did.  They say if a person gets a DUI it probably isn’t the first time they drove drunk.  Just like it probably wasn’t Ricks first time plowing a skank in a plate of linguine.  Did he come clean?  Not a chance.  He only told the truth when he was under oath and forced by law to do so.

Did Rick learn his lesson?  Nope, he did what every great liar does, compartmentalized, rationalize and move on like nothing ever happened.  If you do it enough you get real good at it and Rick is the master.

For his next trick he set up a culture that lead to the Katina Powel prostitution scandal.  I said from day one that Pitno knew.  I never once believed his lies.  No coach as attention to detail like Rick would ever allow top recruits on campus and not know exactly what they were doing.  Once again did Rick take responsibility on any level? No, he threw a guy under the bus that he had coached, and mentored over the years.

And it brings us to this.  Universtiy-6 and Coach-2.  And the biggest lie he has told yet.

Thanks O.J. for committing to taking whatever steps to ensure those responsible are held accountable.  Just do everyone a favor, including your family, and go jump off the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge instead.

They really didn’t have a chance.  Louisville fans that is.  They were getting their rivals most prized coach since Rupp for their own.  Couple that with the Us vs The World marketing campaign Jurich built the new Louisville brand around.  Jurich changed everything from the logo to the uniforms.  He gave the fans new buildings and a sense of identity that brought the City of Louisville together like I have never seen before.  He embraced the rough side of Louisville, the type of fan the Oxford shirt Catholic crowd and educated black community had always pushed aside and made them feel apart.  He didn’t worry about image to those outside of Louisville because it was Us vs The World.  Because of this identity and sense of ownership the fan base had of their coach’s back when faced with scandal, and they faced it a lot.  They were defensive and defiant – sticking together and taking up for each other.

Until now.

So what do they do?  From what we are hearing UofL will be naming 32-year-old David Padgett Interim Head Coach today.  Not the most ideal move but probably the only choice they really had.  No coach worth his weight in salt was going to take over a program with so many unknowns.

Louisville has started their rebuild.  They are in the process of cleaning house and starting over.  The three-headed monster of Ramsey, Jurich and Pitino have been removed from power.  There is already talk that Bobby P is looking to leave after this season and once again Louisville fans should embrace that.   It is very important that UofL now puts in place people who put the school, its students and the community it serves first and not the bank accounts of the decision makers.  They must hire an AD that will hire quality people who are good coaches and not just great coaches.  They need to change their branding back to a time when people felt good and lose the L yeah and BirdGang mentality. Embrace the change and for the love of God and get on board bringing the NBA to the Commonwealth!!!  Do you have any idea how much this would help the rebuild?  Can you imagine what Calipari would do if he had a NBA team in Lexington.  That could be you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to root for the Cards to lose but basketball is better when Louisville is good.  Basketball is better without that sack of shit Pitino.





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