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Here is this week’s round of Bowl Projections!

The Irish are on the move in one direction while the Boilers are going the other way.  Nashville and the Music City Bowl seems a popular pick for the three other teams.




The first College Football Playoff Poll will be released tonight on ESPN (7pm ET) and with it comes the outrage.  Don’t be one of those guys.

We are down to fourteen teams that have a chance to make the playoff.  We have lost four teams each of the last two weeks and we will lose more this weekend.  We have a lot of great games to play including conference championship teams.  Take a look at the remaining schedules for each of the remaining teams.

Remaining schedules

There are only three teams on this list that will have a problem making the playoff without help if they win out; Penn St., UCF and Washington.

Penn State will need Ohio State to lose twice to get into the BIG10 Championship game.  Without a marquee non-conference win and no big games down the stretch it will be tough to get in.

I don’t think UCF will remain undefeated but even if they are it will take pretty much everyone else getting knocked out for them to get some run.

Washington, see Penn State.  The PAC12 conference is down this week and the Huskies non-conference schedule is even worse.

So take a peek tonight, enjoy the process but don’t freak out.  If your team keeps winning, they will probably get in.

It is the Friday before Halloween and you deserve this!


Betting with Britt

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by Kenny Britt

Season record is 42-28, which is a 60% clip. That’s good and better than most “Vegas experts”, but I want better. I feel really good about this week.

If you noticed last week, I gave a 10 star lock on the over on Southern Miss/La Tech, and that hit. I’ve got another one this week and if we’re up on Saturday, I’ll unload on this lock on Sunday.

Onto the picks:

1) Florida St -4 vs. Boston College. FSU is playing for their bowl lives, and talent prevails tonight. (THIS IS A FRIDAY NIGHT GAME). FSU -4

2) Tenn vs. Kentucky. The “White Trash Redneck Bowl” will be a shootout, will probably go over by halftime. OVER 46

3) Oklahoma St. vs. West Virginia. These games usually go under, and this one will as well. Both teams are known for their O, but both have underrated D’s, especially OK ST. UNDER 73.5

4) Minnesota +7.5 vs. Iowa. These games are usually low scoring, tight games. And, who doesn’t want to win the Floyd of Rosedale, a bronze pig that annually goes to the winner. MINNESOTA +7.5

5) Ohio St. -6.5 vs. Penn St. I still hate Urban Meyer, Kevin Wilson, and everything about Ohio St. But, they always seem to find a way to get into the final 4, and the CFPSC poll comes out next week. OHIO ST -6.5

6) New Orleans -9.5 vs. Bears. The Bears had 153 total yards last week and won by 2 defensive scores, This week, that will get them beat by 30. SAINTS -9.5

7) Atlanta -5 vs. Jets. I know the Jets are 3-4, which is 3 more wins than I thought they would get. Atlanta’s back is against the wall, and it’s now or never, ATLANTA -5 (10* LOCK)

8) Carolina + 1.5 vs. TB. Carolina gets a much needed win. CAROLINA + 1.5

9) Oakland +2.5 vs. Buffalo. This should be a really good game, but it looks like Oakland got their offense on track last week. OAKLAND +2.5

10) Dallas vs. Skins. Game will be a shootout. PERIOD! OVER 49.5

*Season (42-28)

Clayton Kershaw is the most dominant pitcher in the game.  I’m not telling you something you don’t know.  I love watching him, having him on my fantasy team and my man crush has even overcome my hatred for the Dodgers and has me rooting for him.  Watching him over the years I have never been able to put my finger on who that funky delivery of his reminds me of.  And then last night it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Take a look at this description.

He starts his windup. He sways way back, like Juan Marichal, and he suddenly rears upright like a catapult. The ball is launched from an arm completely straight up and stiff. Before you can blink, the ball is in the catcher’s mitt.

the motion reminded him of the extraordinary contortions that he remembered of Goofy’s pitching in one of Walt Disney’s cartoon classics.

Was it written about Kershaw?  Nope.  This was written about the greatest pitcher ever according to one George Plimpton Sport Illustrated article.

Take a look at this and try telling me a young Clayton Kershaw didn’t go in the backyard, put on a hiking boot, and emulate one of the best pitchers of his youth.

Clayton Kershaw is a modern day, left handed Sidd Finch.


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As we get ready for week nine let’s take a look around College Football at the latest bowl projections.


Breeders’ Cup Preview

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by Kenny Britt

The Breeders’ Cup is next weekend, Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th at Del Mar Park.

The Breeders’ Cup is 13 grade 1 races over 2 days, 4 on Friday and 9 on Saturday that bring the best horses in the world to one place, with purses totaling $28 million dollars, finishing with the Classic worth $6 million. In comparison, the Kentucky Derby purse is $2 million.

The under cards on those days are also exceptionally strong. The Breeders’ Cup is a true horseman’s weekend. I’ve been once, in 2011 when it was held at Churchill.

Horse racing is my true passion/love (after my family, of course). I once had a friend ask me why I loved it so much, was it just the gambling aspect of it? I thought about that question for awhile. And the answer is absolutely not. I can gamble anywhere; casinos, lottery tickets, bookies, bingo parlors, etc., but horse racing is about so much more. It’s called the Sport of Kings. The pageantry and traditions. The dressing up and all the cool hats. The hard work. The beautiful animals and the love people in the business have for their horse. The thundering sound of 10+ horses worth millions of dollars coming around the final turn towards the finish line. Everybody should go to Churchill and Keeneland once in their life to experience the excitement.

There’s one more reason I love horse racing. I excell at it. I’m confident in my skills. I learned from my mentor, Jeff, and have a friend, David, that have helped me along the way. There are so many angles to handicapping a race and reading a form, it would make your head spin. Type of race, distance, surface, trainer, jockey, medications, workouts, form, are just the basics. Then, you go MUCH deeper into each one and more.

In sports betting, you want and need to hit 55% to make a profit. In horse racing, if you hit 2 out of 10 races for the day, that’s considered good and you’d probably at least break even, considering the odds you get. If you hit 3 out of 10, that’s exceptional. But the Breeders’ Cup is on a whole other level of difficulty. You have the best of the best, usually 12+ horse fields. I did some research, and over the last 3 years, the average winning payout for the 39 races has been $19.75, or just shy of 9-1. And every year you have at least one, usually 2 or 3, 20-1 or greater horses win.

So, next Thursday, I’m going to give you my picks for all 13 races, and if I like any horses in the under cards, those as well. I’ll give you my top 3 horses in each race and a brief analysis. My goal would be out of the 3 horses I give you in each race, to hit 6 of the 13 races, and pick 3 winners, that would be considered pretty damn good in the Breeders’ Cup.

How do I bet? It just depends. I’ll play rolling pick 3s in every race, meaning I’ll start a new pick 3 every race. A pick 3 is picking the winner in 3 consecutive races. I’ll use the 3 horses I give you, but maybe more, depending on what I feel. If I love a horse in a race, I’ll place a win bet on him. I’ll also play the pick 4s and some tris and supers.

Let’s win some cash!!!!!