Betting with Britt

Posted: October 12, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Last week 6-4. Decent bounce back last week, got beat on a last play of the game pick 6 in the Purdue/Minn or we would’ve gone 7-3.

I got a little something different this week. First, I’ll be giving 6 college and 4 pro games instead of the usual 5 and 5. You like what you like, don’t bet if you don’t like it. I can usually find more than 5 games each day that I like, but I just don’t like the NFL card as much this week.

Secondly, I’ve talked about value bets in the past. I love a lot of underdogs this week in college football. 5 of my 6 plays on Saturday are underdogs and I will be playing the moneyline on each game. When playing the moneyline, you don’t get the points, but you get a good value on your money. You can literally go 2-3 and make money, and 3-2 or better gets you a nice bankroll. So, here we go with my picks and I’ll give you the moneylines in parenthesis.

1) Kansas St +6.5  vs TCU. K St lost their starting QB last week and TCU is all the sudden in the title conversation. Although Gary Patterson is a good coach, he is no Bill Snyder, He finds a way to win, KANSAS ST +6.5 (+210)

2) Vandy +3.5 vs. Mississippi. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. Vandy has burned me twice this year, but this game just has a “feel” to it. If Vandy burns me again, I’ll need a new saying for burn me 3 times. VANDY +3.5 (+145)

3) Texas AM vs. Florida.   Game goes OVER 51.5

4) LSU +7 vs. Auburn. I think LSU puts it all together in this game and its at home. It’ll be a slug fest, but LSU +7 (+215)

5) Minnesota +4 vs. Michigan St. I’m stubborn sometimes. Chad made the comment last week that I still don’t believe in Clemson yet. And, I don’t. Same goes with Michigan St. Minnesota punches them in the mouth this week. MINNESOTA +4 (+150)

6) Georgia Tech +6.5 vs. Miami. Miami lost their starting RB and GT has a better defense than they have had in past years. I really think GT pounds the ball down the Miami D throat. GT +6.5 (200)

7) Lions +4.5 vs. Saints. Just don’t think the Saints are that good and the Lions are. LIONS +4.5

8) Atlanta -13 vs. Miami. Atlanta is pissed after their last loss and Miami is, well, Miami. ATLANTA -13

9) Cards +1.5 vs, Bucs. Cards are desperate and know they need a win. CARDS +1.5

10) Steelers vs. KC. Steelers need this and BIg Ben sucked so bad this week I don’t even know how to describe it. But, Steelers will open it up and may surprise some folks, beating the last undefeated team. Either way, game goes OVER 47

*Season (33-17)


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