Just When You Think the Colts Have Hit Rock Bottom – T.Y. Hilton Buries his Team

Posted: October 23, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump

They’ve got a saying over at the Colts’ Complex on W. 56th Street – perhaps you’ve heard it?  When the going gets tough, the divas point fingers.  What?  That’s not the way you remember it?  Well, that’s the way Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton learned it – and essentially, that’s exactly what happened Sunday after another beat down was administered to these 2017 Indianapolis Colts, this time – by the Jacksonville Jaguars, 27-0.

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You see, after the game – spouting off to the media, T.Y. offered this gem, “We (were) winning our matchups. The O-line just got to play better.”

Wow. It’s as if the Colts WR – “The Ghost” decided this blame wasn’t going to be placed on his frail, little shoulders, even though he recorded just two meaningless catches Sunday.  The world needed to know that this Indianapolis’ diva had no skin in this game.

Hilton was then asked what the wide receivers could do to help their young quarterback, who was sacked 10 times by Jacksonville. T.Y. doubled down on his initial stupidity and said, “As far as receiving, nothing can change.  We got to take some pride up front and block for him.  What if we put them (the O-line) back there and take those hits?”

Colts’ fans, that’s your “star” wide receiver talking. If you’re okay with that, then great.  However, talk like that is exactly what rips apart locker rooms, especially from a guy with legitimate clout – a guy that I’m sure, lots of teammates look to – on how to act and hopefully, on how not to act.  This will have a huge ripple effect on this entire team.

The funny thing is, I don’t even blame T.Y. for being angry – for being frustrated. As currently performing, this might be the worst offense in the NFL.  This franchise hasn’t been shutout in a regular season game since 1993.  1993!  Yet, it happened Sunday.  Everyone is blasting the line, which yes, their performance was quite offensive – but it was truly more than that.

At least half of Jacoby Brissett’s 10 sacks came when the O-line provided plenty of time for the young quarterback to make a decision – to either pass the ball to a receiver, dump it off to a running back, throw it away or take off running. That’s Football-101.  Simple stuff.

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It was beyond frustrating watching Brissett continue to take hit after hit after hit when he could have made plays a second or two earlier. At some point, you have to help yourself and get rid of the football.  I truly don’t understand how he continued to hold onto the ball and take that vicious beating.  I’m sorry but that is absolutely not all on the offensive line!  Get rid of the football!

Brissett became a shell-shocked, sitting duck for most of the second half of that football game. Quite frankly, he looked and acted like he was feeling sorry for himself.  Help yourself out and make quicker decisions.  Why in the world did Colts’ Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski or quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer not get with Jacoby and tell him to get rid of the damn ball?  And if they did, and he still wouldn’t do it – then put Scott Tolzien back in to relieve a distressed Brissett?  Kinda tells you what they think about Tolzien at this point.  Their starting quarterback is getting murdered and they still won’t put Scott in to save their starter.  Wow.

I don’t even feel like talking about the defense. It was horrendous.  It allowed the Jags’ ridiculously mediocre quarterback, Blake Bortles, to throw for 280 1st half yards.  I mean, if you’re a bigtime NFL fan, you know how crazy that is.  Bortles is a really bad, highly inaccurate quarterback and he lit Ted Monachino’s defense up like an old, dried up Christmas tree.

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And not to be outdone, Jacksonville’s sensational rookie running back, Leonard Fournette, missed the game due to a nasty ankle injury from the week before – but no worries as backup T.J. Yeldon, who had not played a game all season – all season – ran for 122 yards on only 9 carries.  If it wasn’t so pitiful, it’d be hilarious.  For a bit, I thought Maurice Jones-Drew was going to come out of retirement and beg Jacksonville’s brass to sign him so he could play a series and torch Indy’s god awful defense one more time for old time’s sake.  Don’t laugh – he could’ve.

Something tells me that Chuck Pagano gets fired this afternoon – as he should. He’s completely lost this team, not that he really had control of it for the last month or so anyway, but yesterday’s disaster must be completely embarrassing to Colts’ owner Jim Irsay.  Having this done at Lucas Oil Stadium is a new 2017 low.  Isn’t there a line drawn in the sand somewhere, anywhere by Irsay or GM Chris Ballard that says, “Hey, that’s enough.  Put this man out of his misery.”

Even if he does get fired today – the season’s shot. Even though the Colts are just two games out of 1st place in the woefully mediocre AFC South, it may as well be a million.  This offense can’t score against good teams and the defense doesn’t stop anyone.  Andrew Luck isn’t coming back anytime soon to play behind that line, with that offensive incompetence.  Ryan Kelly is out again, this time with a bum hamstring.  Rookie safety, Malik Hooker, destroyed his knee and is out for the season.

And the diva wide receiver is crying to anyone that’ll listen that this isn’t his fault – that he can’t play any better – just blame the line, all the while driving a spike through the heart of his team.

Sometimes, I wish Hilton really was a ghost…and would just disappear.

  1. Unk. Ron says:

    Well, they can NO longer be called a ‘proud’ franchise, can they get any worse? You betcha with 9 games left and Pagano still running things, how can they not get worse?
    I wonder if Irsay is just keeping Pagano around to help ‘break in’ all his new, young players: Expecting this to be a LOST year anyway. I’m sure he’ll be gone soon along with his staff all of whom have underperformed this season along with their charges. There’s no way Luck can save this franchise now, he may as well heal all season.


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