COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF: Remaining Schedules for the 14 Teams Left in the Mix

Posted: October 31, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The first College Football Playoff Poll will be released tonight on ESPN (7pm ET) and with it comes the outrage.  Don’t be one of those guys.

We are down to fourteen teams that have a chance to make the playoff.  We have lost four teams each of the last two weeks and we will lose more this weekend.  We have a lot of great games to play including conference championship teams.  Take a look at the remaining schedules for each of the remaining teams.

Remaining schedules

There are only three teams on this list that will have a problem making the playoff without help if they win out; Penn St., UCF and Washington.

Penn State will need Ohio State to lose twice to get into the BIG10 Championship game.  Without a marquee non-conference win and no big games down the stretch it will be tough to get in.

I don’t think UCF will remain undefeated but even if they are it will take pretty much everyone else getting knocked out for them to get some run.

Washington, see Penn State.  The PAC12 conference is down this week and the Huskies non-conference schedule is even worse.

So take a peek tonight, enjoy the process but don’t freak out.  If your team keeps winning, they will probably get in.


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