COLLEGE FOOTBALL: 10 teams left! Huge games this week

Posted: November 6, 2017 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Death-FamilyGuyOnce again Death shows up and takes four teams away from the playoff hunt. We bid adieu to Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech.  This makes the third week in a row we lost four teams from playoff contention.

Week 10 cleared up a lot for us.  Miami looks to be for real and sets up Catholics vs Convicts for a College Gameday match-up.  Oklahoma and TCU will play for BIG12 supremacy in a Saturday evening knock-out game.

Here is what Week 11 looks like.


Once again I warn you to not jump from the top floor if your team is not in the top four this Tuesday evening.  There are many great games left on these teams schedules that will sort all this out for us.

Remaining schedules


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