Betting with Britt

Posted: December 2, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Last week: 6-4

We were 1.5 points away from an 8-2 week. ND under got us by 1/2 point and Ohio St. under got us by 1 point. But, that’s how it goes and those types of things happen more often than you think. This is another solid weekend of football coming up, lots on the line. And remember what I’ve said a few times this year, I play the games I LIKE, not the biggest game on tv. I say this cause Auburn/Georgia is gonna be a dog fight and I just don’t have a feel on this game. I’m leaning towards Georgia and the Under, but keeping it out of my plays. Just watch and enjoy a potential game to be remembered.

1) Akron/Toledo- UNDER 58.5

2) OK/TCU- OVER 63.5 (probably by mid 3rd quarter)

3) Wiscy/OSU- This may be due to my total dislike of everything regarding OSU, including their head coach and both their coordinators, I’ll let you know around midnight Saturday, lol. WISCY +6 (OUTRIGHT WINNER)

4) Miami/Clemson- Never have liked Miami but I do like Mark Richt. But Clemson is too much here. CLEMSON -9

5) Miami/Clemson- Sometimes great defenses make games be 13-9 And sometimes great defenses cause lots of turnovers, giving their offenses good field position all night. The latter happens tonight. OVER 46.5

6) Detroit/Balt- Still don’t understand how Balt is in the wild card race. LIONS +3

7) Minn/Atlanta- Probably the game of the week. Two really good, one of them will lose to Philly in the NFC championship game. Hjome field makes a difference here. ATLANTA -3

8) NE/Bills- See analysis on #3. BILLS +9

9) Houston/Tenn- I won’t be at the game, but I’ll be right next to the stadium, so my mojo will be all over the place. TITANS -6.5

10) KC/Jets- KC can’t keep falling off the planet, right? KC can’t let Phil “cry me a” River(s) make the playoffs, right? KC can’t let Andy Reid have anymore donuts, right? KC can’t get beat by the Jets, right? KC -3

*Season (66-52)


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