Betting with Britt

Posted: December 7, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

(Editor’s note: I received a text from Kenny this Wednesday. After going 2-7-1 last weekend, he tapped out and wanted a one weekend break so he chose a red hot gambler as our guest picker. If he has a good weekend, we ain’t goin’ back. Kenny might have gotten Wally Pipped. Buckle up. —Chad)

by Jeff Henning

This weeks picks are coming to you from cold, wet, dark, gloomy England. I am your “guest prognosticator” Jeff Henning.  Kenny has done a good job this season with picks. After having a rough week, he needed some time away to gather his thoughts and get his winning mindset back!!!

(Chad here again… check out Kenny Britt’s text to me. You can almost taste the salty tears.)

Outside of Army/Navy, there aren’t any other college football games to worry about, so we will concentrate strictly on the NFL.  With the playoff push on, there are some intriguing matchups!  I won’t promise you a 10-0 card, but I will tell you that I’ve been hot the last couple of weeks and look to continue my collecting from “the man”, so if you want to have a good week and make a few $$$$ get on board and ride the winners train with me!

My top game and 10*** Lock is the Green Bay Packers -3 at Cleveland!  If you play one game, this is the 1. Hundley is doing enough to keep this team going until double check can return for a possible playoff push!  Double down, here with whatever you are comfortable with, I don’t give games 10*** for no reason.

Next I like Dallas -4.5 at the New York Football Giants. Firing the head coach and general manager will do nothing to drag this team from the cess pool it has been in since OBJ went down.  Jerrys boys will take them to the woodshed this weekend!

Seattle and Jacksonville both sit at 8-4 and both normally boast pretty good defense.  What does that mean?  Well to me it means take the Over at 39 and cash your ticket!

As much as I dislike Brady and Beli”cheat”, it’s hard to overlook what they continue doing! Winning, and winning big.  Gronk being out, is a slight concern, but that’s more about my fantasy team than it is the Patriots covering a 9 point line against the 5-7 Miami Dolphins. Lay the points and smile when you collect!

Possibly the best game of the weekend to watch will be the 10-2 Eagles going cross country to visit the LA Rams.  Everyone is high on the eagles, and I like them a lot, I’m just not sure they NEED this one as bad as the Rams do in their home stadium.  Tread lightly and enjoy this one, but I’m going with the Rams -2.

Balance of picks:

Chargers -6 over the Redskins

Atlanta +2 in a close one with the Saints

Minnesota -2.5 at Carolina

Oakland +4 at Kansas City

Chicago and Cincy are both hot garbage, but they can score a little bit against bad competition.  My theory is they are both bad enough to take the total over the 37.5 number.

Enjoy the weekend, have some fun, and watch a lot of the greatest game on Earth! Football!!!  American Football, not this thing in the UK they keep calling futbal.

*Season (68-59-1)


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