Betting with Britt

Posted: December 15, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Jeff Henning

(Editors Note: Jeff Henning went 6-4 last week so Kenny isn’t dressing this week. Betting with Britt continues with Henning’s hot picks. Let’s. Go!)

My 1 week cameo has turned into two. I’m ok with that,  because although we did finish 6-4 last week, I was hoping for a little bit more.  Kenny is focusing this week on the 39, yes 39 college bowl games that will be played over the next 3 weeks, therefore, I am going to take another swing for 10 NFL picks!  If you played 100 on all 10 last week, you would have profited 160.  Lets make that much more this week.  The winners train is coming thru, are you gonna ride?

Denver -2 at Colts

My top pick of the week is the Atlanta Falcons -5 at Tampa.  Tampa is 4-9, going nowhere, and Atlanta needs to keep winning for a playoff birth. They currently sit in the projected 6 spot as a wildcard.  They are dangerous inside, or in good weather, and Tampa should be a nice venue for the dirty birds to keep rolling.

Next is a road dog that I think vegas has missed the line on big time.  Of course they have the billion dollar casinos and literally print money every day so its pretty dumb of me to think I’m in some way smarter, but we shall see on this one.  Arizona +5.5 at Washington.  Take the points, and thumb your nose at the sports book when you collect.

Next is a two for one.  I really like what Baltimore has done recently and look for them to continue their push to get in the playoffs.  They are -9 on the road at Cleveland where the weather could be a little sketchy, but I’m gonna ride with the Ravens -9 and take the over 40! Two for one, sounds like fun to me, just don’t let the wife catch ya!

In any division game, no matter the teams, it’s hard to give up more than 10 points and still cover the spread.  The AFC South is garbage as usual, but they are still professionals and getting paid, so that should be enough to make you compete. Houston is +12.5 at Jacksonville, and even though I think Jacksonville wins this game easily, I don’t think they will cover. Take Houston +12.5  and pray that the defense can do enough to keep it close.

The balance of picks:

Chargers -1.5 at KC

Vikings -10 vs. Cincy

Pats/Steelers OVER 53

Packers +2 at Carolina (Aaron Rodgers is the only reason to make this bet)

Happy hunting!  Let’s build that bank roll to invest in Kenny’s 39 bowl games!

*Season (74-63-1)


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