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a couple thoughts…

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ncaaI have had many of you reach out and ask about my feelings on the news this morning about Kentucky being named in the Yahoo report.  Well, my response is a simple one.  What did the school do when they found out?  That is the key to all of this.  Is the school, administrators, compliance and coaches part of the answer or part of the problem?

If we find out that Cal and Kentucky is part of the problem then they have to go.  It is that simple. 

The complicated part of this is the agent part.  If an agent pays a kid in hopes the kid signs with them later and the school is unaware, did the school cheat?  The answer to that question is no.  Under the current rules though the kid is ineligible and schools will have to vacate wins.

Look, this is only one agency and to think it is the only rouge agency out there is not only naïve but moronic.  The question is how do you fix it.

I might be crazy but I think it is time to scrap the idea of amateurism.  Why can’t a kid have an agent?  Why can’t a kid do commercials or have endorsements?  If we allow this and bring it out into the open then it will be much easier to monitor and guide these kids and their families.

There will be more information to come and conversations to have so buckle up.


My reaction to the UofL news…

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McDaniels Screws Colts – Leaves City Unsatisfied

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by Chad Schrump

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

But not surprising.

The stunt that Josh McDaniels pulled on the Indianapolis Colts Monday evening, telling Jim Irsay that he’d changed his mind and after verbally accepting to terms that would make him the franchise’s newest head coach, is shady and deceptive and all sorts of other adverbs and adjectives that I’m sure we’ll throw out there soon enough but when it comes to New England Patriots’ players, coaches and personnel – are you really surprised?

Hell, I’m not.

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I’m pissed.

Damn right I’m pissed. I love to write – specifically about sports, more specifically about my hometown teams and I’m not paid to do it.  I’m not employed by the Indianapolis Star or WTHR.  I write for my high school friend’s sports website so I can be an Indianapolis Colts’ homer if I want to be and right now, yep – I’m a homer that is angry.

Really angry.

I may ramble so bear with me. My mind is still racing.  This is such a low blow.  I mean, c’mon man.  Who does shit like that?

Oh yeah, Bill Belichick does shit like that. He did it to the Jets.  You already know the story so I won’t rehash it here but when you dangle like a filthy rodent hanging onto the back of Belichick’s hoodie for so long, you begin thinking you’re just like him.  That you’re above reproach.

New England’s evil, cheating empire (it’s a proven fact – look it up) just stuck it to the Colts again.


Josh McDaniels essentially agreed to become the Colts’ head coach several weeks ago. Problem is, the agreement, due to NFL rules, can only be in principle – nothing put on a dotted line, i.e. no contract, obviously.  It’s been done this way for a very long time – a team can’t hire another team’s coach until his team’s season is over.  When you’re talking a dynasty franchise like the Patriots, their season is rarely over until the Super Bowl is played so you’re stuck, waiting at the altar for several weeks, hoping your new hire doesn’t get cold feet and reconsider.  Well guess what?  He reconsidered.

Well, he didn’t just “reconsider”, right? This scummy trash can of a human being agreed to become head coach, continued calling assistant coaches on other teams, trying to get them to join him in Indy just hours before he announced that, nah – he wasn’t coming after all.  This prison rat excrement even allowed Ballard and Irsay to splash his hiring all over television, print and social media – even announcing a Wednesday press conference, introducing this probable lice ridden, visor wearing, lying, deceiving, shell of a real person.  What a crock of shit.

How embarrassing for Ballard.

I actually feel bad for Ballard. Say what you will about Jim Irsay and Lord knows I’ve said it, but what has Chris Ballard done to deserve this?  This dude takes the Indy job and immediately has his star QB taken from him for an entire season and possibly more.  (That column is for another time.)  Not only that, but he’s saddled with Chuck Pagano.  Yikes.  To boot, he has to revamp a Colts’ roster shaped by former Indy stooge, Ryan Grigson.  Does Ballard even sleep at night without prescription medication?  (Yes, Jim… we know you can help there.)

If I’m perfectly honest for a moment, I was really excited about the hire. I was excited that Indy finally had an offensive mind that could get the most out of a potentially once in a generation QB like Andrew Luck.  I’ve read all kinds of things said about McDaniels’ stint in Denver – how he didn’t report cheating activities to the league, how he treated staff and assistant coaches like garbage, how he drafted Tim Tebow in the 1st round of the NFL draft and couldn’t identify talent even if Terry Bradshaw was standing on his face.  I’ve heard it all but I still wanted him on board.  That Denver era was almost nine years ago.  People change.  People change a lot in 9 years.

But not McDaniels. He hasn’t changed.  He’s still that goo that sits at the bottom of a restaurant’s back alley dumpster, that just devastated a franchise by reneging on a promise and has them scrambling to save face and most importantly, finding someone off the scrap heap that can change the fortunes of this football team.

Where do they go from here? Who’s left?

If you don’t feel bad for the Colts’ fans, players, Ballard, or Irsay, maybe you should feel bad for the brand new assistant coaches that have already left their old teams and signed contracts with the Colts. There are literally several coaches in the Colts complex, right now, recruited by Josh McDaniels to come to Indy, that found out that McDaniels changed his mind the very same way that you and I found out.  They read it on social media and via text messages because McDaniels, potentially one of the world’s most enormous, soulless excuses for a man, didn’t have the balls to call those men that had uprooted their families and their lives, to tell them the truth.  That’s pitiful.

When I heard that, I realized that’s not a man that I want in charge of my football team. He’s a bad person.  We’re better than that here.

Hell, we deserve better than that here.

Bye Josh McDaniels. Glad we didn’t get to know ya.