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Right in the Ding Ding

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When I set my blaster to stun I usually don’t aim at media members and one I tend to like and follow like Rob Dauster, @RobDauster, but I saw something recently that I just couldn’t ignore.

Rob Dauster wrote a story on that discussed something the NCAA will be changing next spring during March Madness.

Click the link above to read the entire story but here is the gist.

Dennis Nett |

The NCAA is adopting a practice that is used in an annual summer basketball tournament, The Basketball Tournament.  What they do is have a player from the winning team go up to an oversized bracket that would make the All Valley Karate Championship proud and move their team name along the bracket path.

Most would say this seems fun and harmless and Rob Dauster agreed with you and wrote the following.

I love this idea so much.

Great photo ops. Fun moments for fans. Shareable, viral content for social media. A chance for the teams to celebrate specific players, coaches or members of the program.

There is no downside.

and to that all I have to say is…

I am so sick and tired of the NCAA, NFL, helicopter parents everywhere and any other group that want to organize our fun and tell us how athletes should and shouldn’t celebrate.  Our society is attempting, and being successful, at sucking all the fun out of the world of sports I grew up loving.  The NFL is the worst at doing this and because of it I watch less and less Sunday football every year.  Super Bowl celebrations used to take place in the locker room out of public eye where men could laugh, yell, cry, curse and celebrate like no one was watching.  There were no rules or script for when things were taking place, just celebration.  Well, not any more.  Now you can’t get the trophy until some washed up player walks the trophy out,  now stay back and don’t touch it, Ok you can touch it but you better not grab it.  Well you can have it now but up here on this platform so everyone can see how great we are.  Straight unbridled bullshit! That’s what that is.

And now the NCAA is wanting to do it too and if you ask me they have already done enough to kill the fun out of the post game celebration.  Take a look at these photos of the past.

You know what I see?  I see impromptu raw emotion and pure joy.  You know what I don’t see?  A fucking ladder.

So yes, Rob Dauster, I do see a downside.  I see the NCAA taking something that should be spontaneous exuberance and mapping it out for their benefit.  Just so you can have, as you put it…Great photo ops. Fun moments for fans. Shareable, viral content for social media. 

Ridiculous if you ask me.  You can keep your Facebook likes and canned fun moments.  I want more players on backboards.


The Backdoor Slider podcasts have been available on iTunes for a while but we have gotten some pushback from our Android phone friends about not being able to listen.  Well that has changed.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.03.38 PM

We are down to 8 of our favorite football movies and that only means a couple of things. We are getting closer to some real football and your decisions on who moves on will get harder.

So let’s get this thing going!


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BDS goes to the 2017 Indy Golden Tee Open

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So somehow I talked the wife and two friends of ours to head to Broad Ripple last Saturday evening for date night at a Golden Tee tournament.  We met up with BDS contributor and Golden Tee legend, Chad Schrump to check things out and see what it was all about.

We were able to somehow record a podcast before it got too dark signaling the time everyone over the age of 35 should be out of Broad Ripple.  No really, when we were paying our tab I joked with our waitress it was time for us old folk to leave and she just nodded her head in agreement.

Click the link below to subscribe and listen to BDS Episode 4 – Indy Golden Tee Open from the Old Pros Table.

Special thank you to Old Pros Table, Kevin Lindsay and the team from Incredible Technologies and 2-time World Golden Tee Champion Graig Kinzler for being such great hosts and coming onto the podcast.

Any Given Sunday vs Invincible

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Remember the Titans vs Brian’s Song

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