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Today’s College Football Lineup

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There might not be a huge tilt of Top 10 teams but we have a lot of very interesting match-ups today.  Enjoy!



PODCAST: Episode 7 is up!

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Chad and J Klee are back for Episode 7!  We discuss the incredible 17-3 record Kenny Britt has posted against the spread over the past two weeks and his picks for this week.  We talk Colts, UK’s huge weekend, ending the streak, and what game in history we would change the outcome if we could.

We want to thank everyone for the great feedback and ask to please keep spreading the word.  Click the link below that fits you best, subscribe and give some feedback please!  You can also always click the link in the Podcast section on the website to listen.


Almost 31 years ago the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Florida Gators in football.  I was in the 7th grade, my wife was 6-years-old and college football looked like this.


Here is a list of things that didn’t exist the last time the Cats beat the Gators.

Indiana’s most recent basketball title


The Simpsons


Full House


Michael Jackson Bad


The Legend of Zelda


The OBC on the sidelines of Florida


Three Men and a Baby


A world without the Berlin Wall or the Soviet Union

Tim Tebow hadn’t even taken his first breath for the love of God!


So you get my point, it’s been long enough!

Go Cats! Let’s do this and end this fricken streak!

Here is a quick bowl game projections snapshot for the local teams of interest as of this week.  It is great to see all five teams getting some love so early in the year.




Three weeks in and we have already lost 68 teams in the College Football Survivor Pool.  The rules again are simple.

  • No Power 5 school with 2 losses have made the playoff
  • A non-Power 5 must run the table.


9-1 picking football games against the spread is just plain stupid and when it follows an 8-2 week I think you must be a frickin wizard or something.  I’m not even sure Biff Tannen went 17-3 with the stinking sports almanac for the love of God.  All I know is I’m taking Kenny Biff’s, I mean Kenny Britt’s picks to the bank this week and I would advise you do the same.

Be looking for Betting with Britt this week on BackdoorSlider.


Indians win #22 so I play Taylor Swift of course!

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Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 10.49.56 PM

The Indians make a unbelievable comeback to push the win streak to 22 so what does that mean?  That means I play Taylor Swift of course!



and because it is football season the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders wanted to in on the Indians magic too.


Like I really needed a reason to play Taylor Swift.