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Guess Who’s Back?

Posted: March 27, 2016 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

It has been a minute since I have posted anything to BDS.  Things have been hectic in the ATL over the past few months but that is no excuse.  I am sure in my absence the quality of music you have been listening to has gone right in the shitter.  The good news is I am back and so is my impeccable taste in all things music.  So let’s get started and let me turn you on to some things I am into right now.


  1. Southern Family

You may or may not know who Dave Cobb is.  For those of you who do not know, he is the hottest producer in Nashville.  He has produced records by Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Anderson East, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton and Shooter Jennings to just name a few.  His latest project is the album titled “Southern Family”.  It is a compilation album of some of the best musicians in music right now.  Jason Isbell, Miranda Lambert, Holly Williams, Morgane and Chris Stapleton, Rich Robinson, Anderson East, and Shooter Jennings among others.  This album is everything that is right with Country/Americana music today.  Give it a listen.

Check out a quick video about the making of the best song on the album.


2. My Favorite Album

I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this podcast but I love it.  It is done by some Australian dude named Jeremy Dylan who interviews people about their favorite albums.  He has well over 100 episodes where he interviews people like Benmont Tench, Will Hoge, Jason Isbell, Dave Cobb, and Kacey Musgraves about their favorite albums.  If you are a music nerd and like hearing what musicians have to say about their favorite albums this is a great listen.


   3. Sturgill Simpson

I saw this guy in concert back in January and it immediately became one of the top 5 concerts I have ever seen in my life.  It was the final show on his tour and he went out with a bang.  Before he launched into his final song which was about a 10 minute jam he said “This is the last show of the mother fucking tour and we are going to burn this bitch down”.  One of the greatest endings to any concert I have ever seen.  Simpson has a new album coming out in about 3 weeks and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  The album is titled “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” and if the first single is a hint at what the rest of the album could sound like then I am sure the album will be just as great as his first two albums.  Check out the first single “Brace For Impact (Live a Little)”.



4. Sarah Borges – Good and Dirty

I live in Atlanta which means I spend a lot of time in my car stuck in traffic.  That gives me plenty of time to listen to my favorite radio station on satellite radio which is Outlaw Country.  I cannot begin to tell you how many bands I have discovered by listening to that station.  My latest find is Sarah Borges.  I do not know anything about her but I know I love her new album called “Good and Dirty”.  It is only 5 songs but it packs quite a punch of straight forward rock and roll.  If you need to be sold on her feel free to check out the video for “Tendency to Riot” and then go bust the album for yourself.



5. Cayamo Sessions at Sea – Buddy Miller & Friends

Buddy Miller is one of the most respected musicians in Nashville, he also is the musical director for the TV show “Nashville” and hosts a show on Outlaw Country with Jim Lauderdale.  He has played with everyone in Nashville at some point.  Last year he recorded 11 songs with various musicians while on the Cayamo Cruise.  The Cayamo Cruise is basically cruise loaded with with Americana musicians playing concerts for about a week in the middle of January.  I will probably never get to go on the cruise so this album will be as close as I get.  Here is a great sample of what you can hear on the cruise and the album.


Buy These Albums

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This year is turning out to be one of the best years for great albums in a long time.  I cannot keep up with all of the great music that has been released this year and if I am having trouble keeping up with all of the great albums being released it is pretty safe to say you are clueless to most of the great music out there.  That is why I decided to sit down and write about some of my favorite records I am listening to right now.  I am doing this for you so do not ignore these recommendations. You will have all winter to ignore Jason as he writes sexually explicit stories about John Calipari and his assistant coach that has really weird hair.  Let’s do this.

Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

This 28 year old singer/songwriter has put out one of the most infectious albums I have heard in a long time.  She rights really clever songs and dresses them up with big catchy hooks and loud guitars.  This is a really great summer album.  This is the album Courtney Love was never capable of making.  Speaking of Courtney Love, Josh Garland still owes me $10.00 for talking me into buying the steaming pile of shit disguised as a Hole album about 15 years ago.

Chris Stapleton – Traveller

This guy is one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville, but he typically writes his songs for other people that get played on country radio.  He finally decided to put out a solo record and it is really great.  This is the type of country music that should be getting played on the radio.  Stapleton has a super soulful voice that blends great with the traditional country arrangements on this record.  Just put this album on and let it play from start to finish, you will not regret it.  Check out my man doing a nasty version of “Might as Well Get Stoned”.

Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material

Musgraves has become one of my favorite country artists over the past few years.  You could play her first album and this album together and it would sound like one great double album.  In my mind she is becoming the female version of John Prine for this generation.  She is a really smart songwriter and it is great to hear her music make it in main stream country.

John Moreland – High on Tulsa Heat

This guy is a 400 pound songwriting force of nature.  I was introduced to this album a few months ago and it was well on the way to being my favorite album of they year until a couple of weeks ago.  Moreland writes a mean song and delivers them in the most authentic fashion.  The line “Outside the show drinking NyQuil and honey trying to conjure up some rock and roll” from the song “Sad Baptist Rain” is my favorite line in a long time.  This is a guy you need to pay attention to because he is making some of the best music out there right now.

Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free

Bands/Musicians do not get into this type of zone very often so when they do you should take notice.  Isbell is writing songs that nobody else alive is capable of writing right now.  He is the greatest songwriter of this generation and it is not even close.  I did not think he could top his 2013 masterpiece “Southeastern” but I was wrong.  This album is so good it makes other great albums seem not so great.

Under Cover Part II

Posted: May 27, 2015 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

Due to the the overwhelming response (and by overwhelming I mean I received 2 “likes” on Facebook) to my last story on my favorite cover songs I have decided to post another batch of cover songs for your listening pleasure.  Once again I will be posting some of my favorite cover songs without subjecting you to the same cover songs we have all heard a million times.  I am pretty sure you don’t need to listen to the Hendrix version of “All Along the Watchtower”  or The Black Crowes version of “Hard to Handle” again, and if you do you need to be on another website anyway.

Drive by Truckers – Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs by this band.  The original song was originally done by Tom T. Hall.  It is an incredibly well written song about a veteran who returns to the United States after losing his legs at war. When Patterson Hood sings the line “Since I won’t be walking I suppose I’ll save some money buying shoes” I was hooked. I am convinced there is no way you will be able to only listen to this song once.  This is one of the greatest story telling songs I have ever heard.

Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice – To Love Somebody

There are a few facts in life.  Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.  Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time, Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time, and “To Love Somebody’ is the best song the Bee Gees ever recorded.  I have listened to this song thousands of times by the Bee Gees and several other bands and it never gets old.  This version by Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne is my favorite version of the song.  I believe it was filmed on some European TV show a few years back and it is fantastic.  Give it a listen and try and tell me you do not love this song.

Linda Ronstadt – Willin’

I could do a list of just bands covering this song.  I think you have to record a version of this Little Feat classic if you make more than 2 albums.  I love every single version of this song I have heard, and there are plenty to choose from.  Other than the original I think this is my favorite version.  It is from the album “Heart Like a Wheel”.  If you only own one of Linda Ronstadt’s albums make it this one.

Counting Crows – This Land Is Your Land

I found this song a few years ago when the band released the deluxe version of their first album “August and Everything After”.  The version on the album is an acoustic demo and it is really great.  I think has become cool to bash this band over the past few years but I still like them and their version of this song is one of the best versions I have heard over the years.

Dixie Chicks – Truth #2 

Patty Griffin made an album in 2000 that ended up getting shelved for 13 years for unknown reasons.  That album was called “Silver Bell” and on that album there is a song called “Truth #2”.  You might have heard that song as far back as 2002 when the Dixie Chicks released it on their album “Home”.  It is my favorite Dixie Chicks song and I had no idea it was a cover for several years. I never even heard the original version until 2013 when “Silver Bell” was finally released.  Both versions are great but I will always like the Dixie Chicks version a little more than the original.  Check out a pretty cool live version of the song.

Under Cover

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I love a good cover song.  I think everyone probably enjoys cover songs.  It is a great way to hear bands you like sing the songs of bands that influenced them.  Over the years some of the bands I love have covered some great songs that have turned me on to bands I had never listened to before.  I wanted to try and turn you on to some cover songs that I think are really cool.  I will try and steer clear of songs you have heard a million times and hopefully introduce you to some new versions of songs you may or may not be familiar with.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – When My Baby’s Beside Me 

This song was originally done by the seminal band Big Star.  Big Star only made 3 records but became one of the most influential bands you have never heard of.  After watching the documentary “Big Star:Nothing Can Hurt Me” I have become obsessed with the band.  I am also obsessed with Jason Isbell so when he does a Big Star cover you know it will be nasty. Enjoy this obscure cover.

Matthew Sweet – Do Ya

This is an absolutely ferocious version of the ELO classic song.  I was introduced to this version of the song by loyal BDS reader, Josh Garland, years ago on a mix CD.  I lost the CD and have always regretted not having this song in my collection.  This is easily one of my favorite cover songs of all time.  If you do not like this song there is a good chance you are a real asshole.

Serena Ryder – Racing in the Street

I do not know anything about Serena Ryder at all.  If you want to know anything about her feel free to pull up Google and do some research on her.  The only thing I do know is her version of this Bruce Springsteen song is incredible.  I heard it several years ago and immediately wore it out.  I still listen to this song a fair amount.  This version never gets old to me.

Fuel – Daniel

I dabbled in Fuel during the late nineties.  They had a few decent songs but I was never in love with them.  To be honest I do not even know if they are still a band these days.  I will say their version of “Daniel” by Elton John is great.  I do not even really like the original version of the song that much but this version is pretty nasty.

Stereophonics – Heart of Gold

One of my favorite songs of all time. The original version from Neil Young is unbeatable but this version from the band Stereophonics is about as close as you can get to being as good as the original.  I have played the shit out of this song over the years. Fun fact about the original version of this song.  Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor sing back up on it.  If you do not believe me just ask my wife.  She will verify that for you.

Gimme Five

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I realize in this day and age that people buy fewer albums than ever.  These are the days of using Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, as well as just buying singles straight from iTunes, Google, or Amazon.  I do not like it but I guess I need to accept it.  So since none of you buy albums anymore I thought I would introduce you to 5 different songs I am listening to right now.  You can stream these songs, download them straight to your phone, or just watch them below.  I do not really care how you consume the songs but I do think you need to give them all a listen and add them to your listening rotation immediately.   The first person to comment on one of these songs will receive a 2015 University of Kentucky 40-0 shirt from Jason.  But you need to hurry before it gets shipped to some poor kid in Kenya.

The Temperance Movement – Only Friend

Loyal BDS reader Josh Garland turned me onto this band after he saw them live.  These guys sound like a throwback to a 60’s British Invasion type band.  This song has huge guitar riffs and the singer sounds like Steve Marriott from the Small Faces/Humble Pie.  As Josh said, he has some “pipes”.  Check this nasty jam out.

My Morning Jacket – Big Decisions

I have tried to like this band for a long time.  I never seem to get into them as much as most people do.  I own a couple of their records and they are just OK to me.  Each time they put out an album I hope it is the one that makes me turn the corner with them.  Well they have another album coming out and the only song I have heard so far, “Big Decisions”, is great.  It will take more than just this song to get me to pull the trigger on the record but this song is a real good start.

Rhiannon Giddens – Don’t Let it Trouble Your Mind

I just saw Rhiannon Giddens live and she was sensational to say the least.  I already liked her when she was with the Carolina Chocolate Drops but her new album is even better than anything I have heard from CCD.  This is my favorite song from her new album and it was my favorite song she did live.  Check out her version of the Dolly Parton song, “Don’t Let it Trouble Your Mind”.

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

This guy does not even have an album out yet and I love him.  This has been one of my favorite songs for a couple months.  I am not sure how the rest of the album will sound when it comes out this summer but if it has this same vintage vibe it will be a real treat.  If you like classic soul music you need to check him out.  Write it down, this guy is about to blow the f&*k up.

Rival Sons – Electric Man

I heard this song on the Sirius/XM station, Little Steven’s Underground Garage and it is nasty.  Big drums, great singer, huge guitar riffs, and that dude playing guitar is the coolest guy in any room he walks into.  I do not know anything about this band other than this song is incredible and makes me want to see them live as ASAP.  Songs like this are why everyone should have Satellite Radio.  Turn this song up as loud as you possibly can.

Live Albums

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Live albums can be tricky.  The live album leaves out some things that makes seeing a band live great.  Things like actually being able to see them, hearing the band while standing in the same room with them, the atmosphere of the venue, and experiencing the event with a few hundred or few thousand other people.  A great concert can really create a sense of community among strangers, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

Another challenge with a live album is the sad but true fact that some people only prefer to hear the studio version of a band’s songs ( I am talking to you Jamie Lee Perkins Gilley Dalton).  With all of the challenges live albums present, there have still been some incredible live albums put out over the years.  There have also been a lot of turds and that is why you will not see any mention of “Frampton Comes Alive” or “Alive!” by Kiss.  Those records suck.  We will be talking about some of the live albums I have grown to love over the last 20 years or so.

5. The Black Crowes – Live from the 9:30 Club 10/03/05

Let me start by saying I was at this show.  This was one of the top 2 or 3 concerts of my life.  I got to see my favorite band at the world famous 9:30 Club and I was about 20 feet from the stage.  Not only did I get to see the show but the band taped the show and immediately sold it to the fans afterwards.  I actually walked out of the venue with the concert in my hand.  Only a band that is confident in their skills has the balls to do that.  Anyway they played two 90 minute sets that night. They played a ton of their hits but also did all kinds of great covers including “Don’t Do It” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” from The Band. They did covers from Little Feat, Ron Wood, Joe Cocker, and the single greatest live song I have ever witnessed.  The Bob Dylan classic “Girl From the North Country”  they turned it into an 8 minute masterpiece unlike anything I have ever heard in my life.  I do not even know if you can buy this record but if you can you should buy it.

4. Nirvana – Live in New York

This is my favorite Nirvana record.  I feel like it does not get enough props but I could be wrong.  Hearing this band in this setting is pretty incredible.  This album made me really like Nirvana and it is the record I almost always go to when I want to hear this band.   This set is obviously taken from Nirvana’s appearance on the famous MTV show “Unplugged”.  MTV wanted Nirvana to roll out the hits for the appearance but the band had other ideas.  As always the talent was right.  Even though the set was filled with cover songs and lesser known Nirvana songs it is pretty powerful.  Especially the final song on the album.  The haunting “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” which was a cover originally done by Leadbelly.  Incredible way to end the album.

3. The Band – The Last Waltz

The Band was breaking up in 1976 so they decided to have one final concert on Thanksgiving Day of that year.  It was not just your typical concert.  They decided to film it and have Martin Scorsese direct it.  They also decided to invite a few friends to help them out.  Nobody special just a few musicians you may or may not have heard of.  People like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Ron Wood, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, Neil Diamond, and Eric Clapton to name a few.  This night produced one of the greatest concert films and live albums of all time.  If you have never sat down to watch “The Last Waltz” you are really missing out.  I suggest watching the DVD in all of it’s glory and then follow it up by listening to the 4 disc box set of the show.  Check out “Don’t Do It” from the concert and learn all of the band member’s names while you are at it.

2. The Allman Brothers – At Fillmore East

A lot of people consider this the greatest live album of all time.  I would not disagree with them.  I just really started getting into his album about a year ago.  I then got the 6 CD box set for my birthday a few months later and I started listening to this album all of the time.  After wearing this album out, I have decided a few things.  Duane Allman is one of the 5 greatest guitar players of all time, Duane Allman and Dickey Betts are one of the greatest guitar tandems of all time, and finally, I am a real dumb ass for never seeing this band live.  Sit back and listen to this album when you get a chance.

1. The Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out

This album is a mother f&*ker!!!  If you want to hear the greatest rock band in the world at the height of their powers then go get this record, turn your stereo up as loud as wit will go, and give it a listen.  This album was recorded in 1969.  It was their first tour with new guitar player Mick Taylor and the band never sounded better.  The album opens up with 3 ass kickers in a row.  “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, the Chuck Berry cover “Carol”, and the best song on the record “Stray Cat Blues”.  If that is not enough maybe “Midnight Rambler”, “Honky Tonk Woman”, and “Street Fighting Man” will get your attention.  If you like live records this is the one to start with.  Check out “Stray Cat Blues” from the album.

My List of Most Underrated albums

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While sitting at work I started doing what I do most days at work and that was thinking about music.  I was listening to a particular album and started thinking how underrated and under appreciated it had become over the years.  That got me to thinking about other albums that I really like that I thought did not get their “props” as the kids say.  These are albums by bands or solo artists that you probably really like.  Bands that have large bodies of quality work so it is totally possible they just slipped through the cracks to a non hardcore fan.  Luckily I am here to bring these albums to your attention and hopefully help them get the recognition they deserve.

John Mellencamp – Big Daddy

Mellencamp released 4 straight albums in the 1980s that were absolute monsters.  The songs off of “American Fool”, “Uh-Huh”, “Scarecrow”, and “The Lonesome Jubilee” still can be heard every single day on classic rock radio stations throughout the country.  Songs like “Pink Houses”, “Jack & Diane”, “Check it Out”, “Hurt So Good”, “Paper and Fire”, and about 20 more I do not feel like typing.  These albums made Mellencamp a superstar who sold out arenas every single night.  You probably own a couple of these albums.  Well in 1989 Mellencamp released “Big Daddy”. This album featured the radio hit “Pop Singer” but other than that most of the songs would only be familiar to most hardcore Mellencamp fans which is unfortunate.  This album contains some of his best lyrics and the band sounds as good as they did on any of the albums I mentioned above.  When listening to the album it is basically an extension of “The Lonesome Jubilee” where Mellencamp and his band brought out the fiddle, Dobro, mandolin, and acoustic guitars.  So if you are a fan of Lonesome Jubilee Mellencamp you need to own this album as well.

Must hear songs: Theo and Weird Henry, Country Gentleman, Let it all Hang Out(Hombres Cover)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Echo

Much like Mellencamp, Petty with and without the Heartbreakers filled the 1980s and early 1990s with radio hits.  The songs you still listen to today.  These songs came from classic albums like “Full Moon Fever”, “Damn the Torpedoes”, and “Wildflowers”.  These are all great albums and I am guessing if you are between the ages of 35 and 45 there is a 100% chance you own “Full Moon Fever”.  In 1999 TPATHB released “Echo”.  This album was written as Petty went through a divorce so it is not a real pick me up of an album.  But as I have always said some of the best albums come from people going through the worst times.  This album is no exception.  Some of Petty’s best songs are on this record.  If you like Petty and do not own this album you need to fix that immediately.

Must hear songs: Swingin, Free Girl Now, Accused of Love, Billy the Kid

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls

In 1978 disco was taking over the world and the Stones were fading in popularity.  So the Stones do something I did not think was possible.  They release “Miss You” off of the “Some Girls” album and actually make disco sound cool.  Yes “Miss You” was a monster hit and “Some Girls” went to number 1 on the charts but I still say it is under appreciated in the Stones catalog.  I think most people overlook the other songs on this record and there are some great ones.  This album is a top 5 Stones record in my opinion.  This album is worth buying just for the unbelievable cover of the Temptations song “Just My Imagination” and the ferocious rocker “When the Whip Comes Down”.  Take a listen to “When the Whip Comes Down”.

Must hear songs: When the Whip Comes Down, Just My Imagination, Before They Make Me Run

Steve Earle – I Feel Alright

Steve Earle made 2 classic albums in the 1980s.  “Guitar Town” and “Copperhead Road”.  Those albums made him a star in country music and the song “Copperhead Road” even crossed over to rock radio. These are the records he is most known for.  Earle’s music was authentic and just a little too dangerous for the country establishment.  Earle was a little too wild for his own good and went to prison for a while. When he emerged from prison he released “I Feel Alright”.  I think this is the best and most complete album he has ever made.  I feel qualified to make that statement since I own every album he has ever released.  From the opening notes of the first song “I Feel Alright” to the final song “You’re Still Standin’ There” a duet with Lucinda Williams this album delivers.  This will always be my favorite Steve Earle record.  Check out this nasty version of “The Unrepentant” filmed in a prison.  Fun fact about this video.  The guy playing electric guitar in The Dukes(Earle’s backing band) is David Steele from Bedford, Indiana. He is a bad boy.

Must hear songs: I Feel Alright, Hard Core Troubadour, The Unrepentant, Billy and Bonnie