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Brace Yourselves for the Return

Posted: December 13, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Chad Schrump

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He’s back.

Paul George, a man that tried as hard as humanly possible to leave the Indiana Pacers with absolutely zero leverage when attempting to trade him to another NBA team this summer, potentially leaving a proud franchise decimated, is back.

Paul George, a man that told then new Pacers’ President Kevin Pritchard he was “all-in” on building a winner in Indianapolis – then just a week later, allowed his agent to leak to the media that he had no intention of resigning with Indiana when his contract expired next summer, is back.

Paul George, a man that essentially told Indianapolis that your city isn’t good enough for me – even though the city and its fans treated him like a second son for seven seasons, is back.

Paul George, a man that upon playing in his first game back after suffering a potentially career ending, gruesome leg injury – returned to a sold-out stadium, his fans showering him with love and affection, wanting their star to know he was badly missed and was “one of them”, is back.

Tonight, Paul George, Public Enemy #1, returns to Indianapolis in a much different capacity, as his Oklahoma City Thunder…, no, whoa – that’s not accurate… as Russell Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder visit the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Paul was never much of a leader, so obviously, OKC is not Paul’s team. It’s Westbrook’s.  Matter of fact, Paul George was so bad at leading that David West decided he’d had enough.  He literally left over $10M on the table to go work with real professionals out west.  He knew Paul couldn’t lead – wouldn’t lead – just didn’t have the internal makeup for it.  Paul will never, ever be a Batman.  He’s always going to be a poor man’s Robin.

I understand that the tone of this column seems to have been set, that it’s just another rip Paul George piece but I promise, it’s not what you think. No, really!  Stay with me, here.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to hear the boos. Oh, how I’ve waited for this moment – to wrap my cold soul in a warm blanket of Pacer fan resentment.  The boos will be thunderous, rolling down from the rafters to the floor like an avalanche of anger, hurt and bitterness – perhaps unlike anything, and I mean anything, we’ve ever heard before in this town.  This fan base has been waiting for months for this moment but I’m here to tell you, they’re not nearly as angry as they thought they’d be.  Not even close.

You see, this town has fallen in love with Victor Oladipo.

And love heals all wounds.

On June 30th, when Paul George was traded to OKC for former Indiana Hoosier basketball star Victor Oladipo and 2nd year forward Domantas Sabonis, most thought the Pacers had essentially given George away for free.  Most believed, at worse, Indiana could have at least gotten a couple of late, 1st round picks for their franchise player and that if they were really lucky, could turn one of those picks into a star but clearly, draft picks weren’t even on the table.  The Pacers were left with OKC scraps.

Take it or leave it, Pritchard. Those were the options.

He took it.

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How incredibly fortunate for the Pacers that he did because Sabonis has been nothing short of outstanding and Victor Oladipo? This man has been a Godsend.

Vic plays hard. Man, does he play hard!  He rarely complains.  He hustles – no, he sprints! He defends.  He’s passionate.  He’s a skywalker.  He’s fun.  He’s a leader.  He’s clutch.  He’s cool.  He’s marketable.  He’s a role model.  Best of all, he’s a closer!  He’s everything to this team, to this franchise, to this basketball loving state, right now.

He’s almost too good to be true.

Most importantly, when Oladipo hits big shots, and man – he’s already hit a bunch of them, just watch him look up into the stands, his stands, point to his floor with both hands and say, “This is my house!  This is my city.  This is where I want to be!”  He makes Pacer fans feel good again, like they’re good enough, like this city is good enough.

Image result for vic oladipo pacers

Victor Oladipo wants to be an Indiana Pacer. He’s not looking for the next best landing spot.  This is where he wants to be and it feels good.  It feels right.

So, even though Paul George thought he’d left this team for dead, leaving Kevin Pritchard the unenviably task of trying to salvage a franchise for just pennies on the dollar, know this: Oklahoma City was absolutely fleeced in this trade.  There were a lot of jokes circulating in the print media, radio/TV and social media about how bad the Pacers looked coming out of the deal but who’s laughing now?

If the season ended today, the Indiana Pacers would be the #5 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs and they’re just mere percentage points out of the 4th slot – where they’d actually have home court advantage in their first round series.  No chance you’d have believed that in July, right?  I wouldn’t have.  I know there’s a long, long way to go but this is fun.

OKC? They wouldn’t even be in the playoffs!  They’re the 9-seed out west where only 8 teams get in.  They’re a lottery team!  See, I think that’s funny.  I think that’s absolutely delicious.  Karma can be a real mutha, right?

When they introduce the 6’ 9” Forward from Fresno State, boo with all your might, as I know you will. But deep inside, smile and say a special thank you to PG.  After all, without his desire to dump Indianapolis like a bad habit and move on to wherever he wants to move on to, we’d never had been given the building blocks for the next 10 years in Oladipo and Sabonis.  Indiana’s foundation has been firmly built.

So, thanks PG and by the way – don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way back out of town.



Betting with Britt

Posted: December 7, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

(Editor’s note: I received a text from Kenny this Wednesday. After going 2-7-1 last weekend, he tapped out and wanted a one weekend break so he chose a red hot gambler as our guest picker. If he has a good weekend, we ain’t goin’ back. Kenny might have gotten Wally Pipped. Buckle up. —Chad)

by Jeff Henning

This weeks picks are coming to you from cold, wet, dark, gloomy England. I am your “guest prognosticator” Jeff Henning.  Kenny has done a good job this season with picks. After having a rough week, he needed some time away to gather his thoughts and get his winning mindset back!!!

(Chad here again… check out Kenny Britt’s text to me. You can almost taste the salty tears.)

Outside of Army/Navy, there aren’t any other college football games to worry about, so we will concentrate strictly on the NFL.  With the playoff push on, there are some intriguing matchups!  I won’t promise you a 10-0 card, but I will tell you that I’ve been hot the last couple of weeks and look to continue my collecting from “the man”, so if you want to have a good week and make a few $$$$ get on board and ride the winners train with me!

My top game and 10*** Lock is the Green Bay Packers -3 at Cleveland!  If you play one game, this is the 1. Hundley is doing enough to keep this team going until double check can return for a possible playoff push!  Double down, here with whatever you are comfortable with, I don’t give games 10*** for no reason.

Next I like Dallas -4.5 at the New York Football Giants. Firing the head coach and general manager will do nothing to drag this team from the cess pool it has been in since OBJ went down.  Jerrys boys will take them to the woodshed this weekend!

Seattle and Jacksonville both sit at 8-4 and both normally boast pretty good defense.  What does that mean?  Well to me it means take the Over at 39 and cash your ticket!

As much as I dislike Brady and Beli”cheat”, it’s hard to overlook what they continue doing! Winning, and winning big.  Gronk being out, is a slight concern, but that’s more about my fantasy team than it is the Patriots covering a 9 point line against the 5-7 Miami Dolphins. Lay the points and smile when you collect!

Possibly the best game of the weekend to watch will be the 10-2 Eagles going cross country to visit the LA Rams.  Everyone is high on the eagles, and I like them a lot, I’m just not sure they NEED this one as bad as the Rams do in their home stadium.  Tread lightly and enjoy this one, but I’m going with the Rams -2.

Balance of picks:

Chargers -6 over the Redskins

Atlanta +2 in a close one with the Saints

Minnesota -2.5 at Carolina

Oakland +4 at Kansas City

Chicago and Cincy are both hot garbage, but they can score a little bit against bad competition.  My theory is they are both bad enough to take the total over the 37.5 number.

Enjoy the weekend, have some fun, and watch a lot of the greatest game on Earth! Football!!!  American Football, not this thing in the UK they keep calling futbal.

*Season (68-59-1)

Betting with Britt

Posted: December 2, 2017 by cschrump in Uncategorized

by Kenny Britt

Last week: 6-4

We were 1.5 points away from an 8-2 week. ND under got us by 1/2 point and Ohio St. under got us by 1 point. But, that’s how it goes and those types of things happen more often than you think. This is another solid weekend of football coming up, lots on the line. And remember what I’ve said a few times this year, I play the games I LIKE, not the biggest game on tv. I say this cause Auburn/Georgia is gonna be a dog fight and I just don’t have a feel on this game. I’m leaning towards Georgia and the Under, but keeping it out of my plays. Just watch and enjoy a potential game to be remembered.

1) Akron/Toledo- UNDER 58.5

2) OK/TCU- OVER 63.5 (probably by mid 3rd quarter)

3) Wiscy/OSU- This may be due to my total dislike of everything regarding OSU, including their head coach and both their coordinators, I’ll let you know around midnight Saturday, lol. WISCY +6 (OUTRIGHT WINNER)

4) Miami/Clemson- Never have liked Miami but I do like Mark Richt. But Clemson is too much here. CLEMSON -9

5) Miami/Clemson- Sometimes great defenses make games be 13-9 And sometimes great defenses cause lots of turnovers, giving their offenses good field position all night. The latter happens tonight. OVER 46.5

6) Detroit/Balt- Still don’t understand how Balt is in the wild card race. LIONS +3

7) Minn/Atlanta- Probably the game of the week. Two really good, one of them will lose to Philly in the NFC championship game. Hjome field makes a difference here. ATLANTA -3

8) NE/Bills- See analysis on #3. BILLS +9

9) Houston/Tenn- I won’t be at the game, but I’ll be right next to the stadium, so my mojo will be all over the place. TITANS -6.5

10) KC/Jets- KC can’t keep falling off the planet, right? KC can’t let Phil “cry me a” River(s) make the playoffs, right? KC can’t let Andy Reid have anymore donuts, right? KC can’t get beat by the Jets, right? KC -3

*Season (66-52)


As everyone jumps onto he Auburn bandwagon let me remind you that no 2-loss team has ever made the 4-team playoff.  With that said let’s take a look at who gets in and what the pecking order will be.

  1. Clemson vs. Miami – winner of the ACC gets a spot and the loser is out.
  2. Wisconsin – win the BIG10 and they are in, lose and they are out.
  3. Georgia – win the SEC and they are in, lose and they are out.
  4. Alabama – Nick Saban gets to take a page out of Bobby Knight’s book and just sit back and enjoy this weekend.  As of today I give them the nod over Oklahoma but it is close.
  5. Oklahoma – a convincing win over TCU again might just put them over Bama.
  6. Auburn, Ohio St. and UCF – If Auburn and Ohio St. win Saturday then these three teams will come into play.  UCF will have to beat a very hot Memphis team to keep their hopes afloat.  UCF will have only 1 less Top 50 win and 2 fewer losses than the other two.  The committee has always poo-pooed 2 loss teams and the buzz created by adding UCF (who will travel well) will be very tempting.
  7. Penn St., Washington, TCU and USC – These teams have absolutely no shot at all.

Once again, no need to watch the ESPN dog and pony show tonight.

by Chad Schrump

I woke up Friday morning to a tweet from a buddy of mine. It read, “Top 10 Indy pro athletes of all time (longevity matters). Go.”

Nice! I love it.  What a great idea.  I began typing a response to him but then thought, nah – let’s put this up for some debate on the site, so here we are.

I’m going to give you my top-10 Indianapolis professional athletes but with a stipulation.  These will only be players that I can actually remember watching.  There’s no George McGinnis on this list.  No Bob Netolicky.  No Freddie Lewis.  I understand that they were great, believe me, I do… but I didn’t see them.  No, I should say that I don’t remember seeing them because I know I actually did a few times.  My mom and dad had Pacer season tickets at the Fairgrounds in the ABA days and in the early 80’s at Market Square Arena but I recall nothing from those games.  Too bad because that makes this a very dominant football list.

Image result for aba pacers fairgroundsLet’s be honest, the Pacers haven’t been great. While the blue and gold have certainly had their moments, by and large, they have been also-rans.  Is that even a real  term, also-rans?  Sounds good to me.  The Pacers were at their peak, perhaps twice.  Once, when the greatest basketball player of all-time just happened to be playing in Chicago and then again, a few years ago when a certain former Cleveland Cavalier decided he couldn’t win a title on his own and assembled one of the first super teams ever.

The one season that Jordan misses a season, Indiana makes it to the NBA Finals and what’s their reward? They got to face off against Kobe Bryant and Shaq.  I mean, wow.  Congrats on that.  Oh well, that was still a ridiculously fun team to root for.

Also, like my friend said, “Longevity matters.” So, you won’t see Andrew Luck on the list and I’ll be damned if you think I’m putting Paul George on any list of great players, unless of course, it’s greatest franchise backstabber or greatest player that can’t perform in clutch situations.

I’ve digressed so let’s get back to it. Here are my Top-10 Indy pro athletes:

  1. Bob Sanders

Yep, Bob Sanders. Oh yeah, a controversial pick right out of the gate.  I’m not scared.  Sure, injuries took a massive toll on this Colts superstar but when he played, my God, what an incredibly exciting and supremely talented player.  I remember always believing that eventually, he was going to kill a human in a game.  He was truly a human missile and played like he was shot out of a gun.  The guy was only 5’ 8” tall but had cartoon muscle arms and ran a 4.35 – 40.  That’s just ridiculous.

Image result for bob sanders tackleLet’s not get it twisted… without Bob Sanders, Peyton Manning would have never won a Super Bowl in Indy.  The defensive run Sanders went on that season was special.  Put it this way:  If Sanders knees could have stayed healthy, he’d be a no doubt about it Hall-of-Famer.  Don’t forget that he was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2007.

  1. Jeff Saturday

I debated between Saturday and Tarik Glenn but ultimately decided that Saturday was literally the captain of that line and the anchor of the team. Glenn had to protect Manning’s blind side, which he was incredibly successful at doing but Saturday called the protections and was essentially in lock-step with one of the greatest players of all-time.  Peyton and Jeff were almost always reading off the same page and made very few errors together.  This is one of the truly greatest QB/Center combos to ever do it.  Here’s a nice shot of Jeff’s beautiful blue eyes.  You’re welcome, mom.

Image result for jeff saturday eyes

      8. Robert Mathis

Without doing a ton of research, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney made up one of the most dangerous bookend defensive fronts in the last 15-20 years of pro football. Mathis had blazing speed and surprising strength, resulting in his specialty – the strip sack.  He wasn’t the biggest player to ever do it but perhaps no player worked harder or refused to quit on a play more than Mathis.

The 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year spent his entire 14-year career in Indianapolis and was an absolute fan favorite.  He also blocked me on Twitter on New Year’s Eve 2011 because in a spirited debate with the former Alabama A&M product, I told him winning the last game of the season would be detrimental because we needed a QB to help him next season.  Who was that QB I argued for?  Andrew Luck.  No worries, Robert!  I’m not holding a grudge.

  1. Rik Smits

Maybe no one on this entire list could frustrate me to such a degree then later in his career, make me so happy – as Rik Smits did. In a sense, even though he was the #2 pick of the entire 1988 NBA Draft, he was a project from day one but improved every season and became a deadly 17 foot shooter with a propensity to drain game winners.  How can you ever forget Smits burying the game winner against Orlando in game 4 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals.

Image result for rik smits game winner orlandoThis 7’ 4” Marist product and Netherlands native played all 12 NBA seasons in Indianapolis.  The Dunking Dutchman was the second best player on a damn good basketball team that had sustained success for a decade.  I will always have a soft spot for #45.

  1. Reggie Wayne

Do you remember what you were thinking when Bill Polian drafted the Miami Hurricanes wide receiver in the spring of 2001? I do.

“What? Another receiver?  Dammit!  We need defense!  What the hell is Polian thinking?”

Image result for reggie wayne bill polian draft dayYep, we were wrong and Wayne became the second most famous ‘Reggie’ in Indianapolis sports history. Wayne spent his entire 14 professional years in Indianapolis, finishing his potentially Hall-of-Fame worthy career 10th all-time in receptions and in receiving yardage.  Those are spectacular numbers.  While Marvin Harrison was the deep, homerun hitter for the Colts, Wayne was the glue – always finding a way to grab a 3rd and short pass for a first down.  Never, ever did you see Reggie “alligator arm” anything.

Wayne was a man’s man and Peyton Manning’s go-to guy.  Reggie caught Peyton’s only touchdown pass in the 2007 Super Bowl in Wayne’s hometown of Miami.  How fitting.

  1. Edgerrin James

Image result for edgerrinI’m telling you this now because I truly believe it. If Edgerrin James doesn’t shred his knee in his 3rd professional season, he goes down as one of the top 2 or 3 running backs in the history of the league.  His first two seasons are flat out ridiculous.  Look at these numbers:

1999      1553 yards rushing with 13 touchdowns plus 62 catches for 586 yards and another 4 scores

2000      1709 rushing yards and 13 TDs and another 63 yds receiving for 594 yds and 5 touchdowns.

Those are frightening numbers to opposing defensive coordinators. Those are Star Wars numbers.  Crazy.  Hell, even in 2001, before he tore his ACL – James had 662 yards through 6 games – on pace for another 1700+ yard season.  He was a special talent that could run around you, through you or past you.  He also caught it very well.  Another tip of the cap to Bill Polian because most of this city was shocked when he selected James instead of University of Texas star Ricky Williams.  Yikes.

Edge spent 8 of his 12 NFL seasons in Indianapolis. Hopefully, the 12,000 yard career rushing will enter Canton as a member of the pro football Hall-of-Fame.

Also, my email address for years was Edgerrin32TD@comcast – so I had that going for me.

  1. Dwight Freeney

I can close my eyes and see that lightning fast spin move, hurtling toward a quarterback that realizes there is no escaping the former Syracuse product. Freeney could also get off the snap like he was running track and explode into the tackle with a bull rush that had no rival.  He was the total package of speed and power.  How could a man weighing 270lbs run a 4.48 – 40 yard dash?  This future Hall-of-Famer played 11 NFL seasons in Indianapolis and is still playing today – with the Detroit Lions.  Freeney is 17th all-time in career sacks with 125.5 – and a shot at a few more in the Motor City.

Image result for dwight freeney

     3. Marvin Harrison

Marvin is the second greatest receiver that I’ve ever watched (Jerry Rice – GOAT) and proudly sits in the NFL Hall-of-Fame.

Image result for marvin harrison diving catchHis hands were magical.  He was a contortionist mid-air.  He was as fast as he needed to be.  I still recall announcers talking about Marv’s speed, or lack thereof but not one time do I remember him ever getting tackled from behind.  Not once.  Seemed fast to me and probably to the cornerbacks that tried to stop him and his 14,000 career yards.  Harrison, a notoriously hard worker once quipped, “They pay me to practice.  The games – I play for free.”

  1. Reggie Miller

I debated hard on this one but am comfortable with where Miller landed on the list. Personally, I always felt like Reggie put Indianapolis on the map – that he had “our” back.  By the time his career was over, the California native seemed like a legitimate Hoosier.  Reggie was one of “us”.

Image result for reggie millerReg was obviously a deadly shooter but his clutch play, especially in the playoffs, was otherworldly.  Listen closely and you always hear players say they want that last shot – that they want the ball in their hands when it’s winning time… but they really don’t.  But not Reggie Miller, he demanded the ball and everyone in the arena knew he was going to get it.  This skinny little 6’ 7” beanpole fought like a linebacker and was as tough as any player in the league.

I’ll always have a twinge of sadness that this NBA Legend, who played all 18 seasons in Indy – couldn’t win that ring. For all of his loyalty to the city of Indianapolis, he deserved a title.  Nonetheless, he’ll go down as one of the greatest 2-guards in history and will be forever loved in Indianapolis.

  1. Peyton Manning

What a shock, right? This man came on the scene in 1998 and almost instantly turned a laughingstock franchise into a perennial contender.  Somehow, and it still amazes me, Manning turned a basketball crazed state on its ear – and turned it into a football hotbed.

Image result for peyton manningIt’s too bad the Colts only won one Super Bowl during his years here because it should have been more. My dad and I always thought that if he’d had Bill Belichick as his coach, he may have won 5 or more.

His numbers were gaudy and he won at a rate never seen before in the NFL. No team in the history of the league won more games in a decade period than Manning’s Colts.  Think about that for a minute.  Unreal.

The man turned Blair White, Jacob Tamme and Austin Collie into household names. You think anybody else is doing that?  I don’t.

Not only was Peyton an incredible quarterback, he was perhaps, an even better citizen.

I think about Manning and the fact that my son is too young to have ever seen him play. That’s too bad but believe this, he’ll hear about him – from me.  Probably too much, I’m sure.  Indianapolis will take their one championship and continue celebrating the career of Peyton Manning.

He’ll always be our quarterback.

Betting with Britt

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by Kenny Britt

Last week: 5-5

Quick version for this week. I love this weekend of college football, rivalries everywhere you look. And the Bama/Auburn game is just gonna be one for the age. Not doing 5 college/5 pro, brekaing down by day. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!


1) Dallas/Chargers: OVER 47.5

2) Miss/MISS St.: UNDER 66


3) Missouri/Arkansas: ARKANSAS +9


4) Michigan/Ohio st: UNDER 50

5) Tenn/Vandy: OVER 45.5 (LOCK OF WEEK)

6) ND/Standford: UNDER 57.5

7) Clemson/South Carolina: SOUTH CAROLINA +13.5


8 Miami/Pats: PATS -16

9) Bucs/Atlanta: ATLANTA -10

10) Saints/Rams: UNDER 53.5

*Season (60-48)

1aThe College Football Bowl Championship rankings will be released again this evening.  I think the committee has done a better job this year giving a true ranking but I still have a problem with their rankings.  If they stay true to their rankings the standings will look something like this.

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn
  7. UGA
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Ohio State
  10. Penn State

The biggest problem I have is with Oklahoma.  Yes, they went out of conference and played a legit opponent with Ohio St. and beat them but everyone is pretending the BIG12 is a real conference.  The other problem I have is all the love Auburn is getting right now.  Now if they go out and beat Bama and UGA these next two weeks then yes, we can have that discussion but everyone seems to be already marking those down as wins.  You look at their schedule and quality wins compared to Notre Dame’s resume and it isn’t even close.  This is what the rankings SHOULD look like tonight.

  1. Alabama
  2. Miami
  3. Clemson
  4. Wisconsin
  5. UGA
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Auburn
  9. Ohio St.
  10. Washington State

Don’t agree?  Take a look at the resumes.


This week has soooooooo many great games that will sort so much of this out for us this weekend.  Couple that with all the rivalry games around the country, Thanksgiving and fall weather and we are looking at the best college football weeks of the year!