Remember the Titans vs Brian’s Song

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Backdoor Slider Podcast is Back!

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Unknown-2The Backdoor Slider podcast is back for another addition and this time I am joined by Archie from Hoosier Sports Live. @HoosiersLive  We discuss the state of IU sports, football and basketball.  We get into IU recruiting with the new coach and when will the IU/UK series start back up.  We finish things off with a breakdown of the recent BDS football movie bracket.  If you can get past my occasional heavy breathing (yes, I’m working on fixing that issue) I think you will enjoy it.

If you click the link below you can subscribe and listen through iTunes.

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Enjoy and tell a friend!

Friday Night Lights vs Jerry Maguire

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One is based on the last book I have read cover to cover, the other is arguably the best date movie off all time.  Friday Night Lights vs Jerry Maguire.  This one is the best first round match-up so far and should be a battle.  Both are great movies with great casts but only one can move on.




Draft Day vs North Dallas Forty

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We are half way through the first round and setting up some interesting 2nd round match-ups but lets not forget about the right side of the bracket.

The next match up brings us another one of my favorites in North Dallas Forty and the Costner flick, Draft Day.  One mirrors the 1970’s Dallas Cowboys and the other is a football fairy tale where the Browns do something right.





We Are Marshall vs The Waterboy

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One a tragic story of loss, the other is one of the dumbest comedies we all know and love.  This is like deciding between Schindler’s List and Caddy Shack.  Well, let’s just get to the trailers.



Rudy vs The Program

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This first round match-up is one that reminds me of the time 12 guys piled in an RV, headed to South Bend for the Game of the Century circa 1993.  We drank about 1700 beers, I jumped off the top of the RV (and probably pissed myself), while my buddy Pete yelled, “stew you, you old fuck!”, to some 90-year-old Florida State fan.  We laughed, we cried, it changed our lives.

Anyway, back to the movies.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.34.37 PM



The Longest Yard vs Johnny Be Good

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The first round continues with and old school classic and one of my guilty pleasures.